Smells like scam

I received an email about patriotism which said I could change my ‘boring default cursor from Windows’ for a new one. It presented a list with some politicians, the Liberty statue, flags, and even Malebushia and Vioblairtor.

Only thing is the cursors must be downloaded as .cab or .exe, I don’t remember well… But I remember the warning said (it opened a download window automatically):

“By clicking yes to install and run you will receive other bundled software.”

Also, they said I’m subscribed to something. I won’t unsubs cuzz that’ll just show’em my account is active and therefore a good spamming target.

Yeah, that’s spam, and probably either a virus or spyware as well.

I know, I just wanted to show how creative spammers are getting. And it’s the fiorst time in a while I see a scam that could actually have someone falling on its trick.

Someone will falls for it, no matter how stupid the scam. There’s always someone stupider that will indeed fall for it.

I bet I would have fallen for it. I am way too gullible about those things.

Of course, anything I get that involves the war or anyhting, I delete on sight.

<img src=“”> If you fall easilty for viruses, never join staff. I get an average of 10 Klez emails a day.

I get like 2-5 a day, so I guess I’m lucky.

Oh, I don’t fall so easily, but that does seem like one that had a bit of thought put into it.

If it’s got attachments or stuff like that and I don’t know who it’s from, I simply delete it anyway- if they want my attention that badly they’ll send another e-mail that is more likely not to contain a virus than is to contain a virus/spam. Incidentally, I have been known to delete e-mails from people I know.

One like the spam in the first post, I’d delete the e-mail, but I’d probably send an abusive one back from a freemail account (I’ve got about 10-12 of them, not counting Bradley’s) for good measure :wink:

<img src=“”> I love my mail addy. It’s awesome for those signup lists.

Never open an e-mail offering anything like that.

On a further note, don’t open anything from TD, ever.

<img src=“”> That goes without saying.

Oh, come on! What could TD send that would be so horrible?

[/tempting fate]

<img src=“”> Ever wonder where my MJ avatars come from?

Originally posted by Tenchimaru Draconis
<img src=“”> Ever wonder where my MJ avatars come from?

Eep. I shall never question the freakyness that is TD ever again.

Hmm…every so often, a warning will come up asking me if I want to run and install…and then it’ll say a signature code is not found…these things pop up even if I dont touch anything at my computer…usually when I go to download something, a warning will pop up, and will give me the go ahead but these things pop up and say the source is unknown or something like that…is this “spyware” or a potential virus???

Maximum security! Delete anything from unkown sources! Death to spammers!

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
Eep. I shall never question the freakyness that is TD ever again.

<img src=“”> A wise plan.

<img src=“”>Heh…Spammers are being more Creative everyday…