Smash much?

How do you do well with Yoshi anyway? Out of everyone, he’s who I and my friends all do the worst with.
(I’m asking out of curiosity, not accusation.)

My favorite character was Ness.

Well I admit he’s not the easiest to get used too, but he’s fairly formidable. He may not have an up+b attack that doubles as a jump, but his regular jumping(fluttering like in the Yoshi games) more than makes up for it. If you keep a watchful eye on what’s happening, usually you can flutter back to the ground before you get too far down.
His up+B attack is pretty useful and fairly annoying to those that are above you. A plus to this move is that Yoshi remains stable so you can keep doing it from a safe distance.
His down+b attack is pretty deadly, especially when your opponent has a high % of damage. Just don’t use it above no ground…
The new move they put in for him in Smash Bros Melee took a while to get used too but it’s also useful when you want to get to your opponent fast while damaging them at the same time. Like the down+b move, you really have to watch out for open spaces in the ground in your path.
And the real killer, although mighty cheap and hard to fall for, is his regular B move. If you sit next to the edge of the level you can crap people off the edge. Obviously seasoned players won’t fall for it but it can be unsuspecting.

Yoshi’s A and Smash Attacks are something to be reckoned with. His foward smash has a disjointed hit box and packs a good bit of priority. If you can short hop his jump and flutterkick into a big targer (Bowser, Marth, Mewtwo) you can rack up 30-40 damage in less than a second. His aerial foward A is tricky but nice, and at good percentages, his aerial up A can Kill. Maim. Wound.

There “is” a way to get out of Kirby’s suck and drop. They key is to Not Press Anything. When you get out of Kirby due to time, do your double jump or if you haven’t gotten it, immediately use your tripple jump. Hopefully you’ll either make it back to the platform, or hit Kirby using your tripple to knock him off recovery as well.

I LOVE Gannondorf’s spike (aerial down A) as it’s the only spike in the game where you can stomp someone in the air TO the platform and watch them BOUNCE off of it like a goddamn basketball and into death. That’s f**kin’ power right there, son.

I’m an all-rounder sorta dude, but I still can’t play a decent Pika or Yoshi. Whatever.

Sheik is what you might call my “best” at the moment, but I play a neat Link/Ness too. (The two dudes I really started out with.)

Peach and Mario for special occasions.

My friends are pretty good with Ganondorf, so he’s no slouch in my eyes.

Not to mention Pika >_<;

Besides myself, I haven’t heard of anyone using Mr. Game & Watch effectively. And I’ve heard people say he’s a crappy character. Granted, I don’t know a lot of people who play SSBM.

Basically, there are no weak characters. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Mr. Game and Watch is not a crappy character, he is just very hard to get used to that’s all.

His neutral aerial A is a BITCH!!! You take a run at it, short hop, and let that shit fly, and you have yourself a moving barrier of priority-ness.

I hate playing as and against Shiek. Totally unimaginative. There’s not much fun in playing Shiek. He’s a great character and can rape anyone with ease, but he’s no fun. Biiig frowny face. :frowning:

Oh, I know. People hate it when I use G&W. He’s very disorienting to fight against, with all the jerky movements and the low frame rate.

Oh hell yeah, once I found out about the parachute, that is when I seriously started kicking 3D ass with a 2D foot. That move is crazy powerful.

Sigh. I sure do wish all of us could get a huge SSBM tournement.

This is where Smash Brothers Revolution comes in.

That just turned me on more than your avatar does.

My work here is done.

That’ll be so awesome…

Little Mac is gonna be my CHAMP, bitches.

dies orgasming

Little Mac? O RLY?! Sauce!!!11

(Translation: I’m quite happy to hear about Little Mac in SSBR. But might I inquire the source of this?)

Because if Nintendo is going to include new character familys (the mario series, fire emblem, zelda series) then they NEED to introduce some new ones. Punchout would be the PERFECT add on! Think about it. Little Mac, King Hippo, that guy in overalls, and some other people. How can they NOT add punchout? It’s still under the Nintendo license!!!

It’s not official. But I bet money on it.

Startropics would also be cool. As well as throwing in Captain N and Nester. For kicks.

Captain N would be hilariously awesome.

Oh well. I just submitted a question to a Mr. Miyamoto Q&A session about product families that will be resurrected via the online download capability and whether they will be included in SSBR… hope it gets through >_>;

I know Kid Icarus and Poo are going to be in it. I can’t wait :slight_smile:

I,m glad to learn I wasent the only one that liked Ness.