Smash much?

I’m curious as to know who still plays Smash Brothers Melee. There’s been a small fanatical clan of Smashers in my area of Jacksonville for a few years now and we’re always going strong.

Anyone still play against their fellow chums? : D

I love using lower-tiered characters and characters who are rarely used by anyone else in the area. I used to have an absolutely intimidating Link going on, while everyone was preoccupied focusing on their damn B-moves and spiking and fancy smanchy stuff, all my Link had to do is sit still and use his neutral and side-A attacks to win the day. But now everyone has gotten addicted to L-canceling like it’s a facebook whore. So I’m rasing up on Captain Falcon, 'cause no one pays him any respect in J’Ville.

I sold my gamcube, so i cant play anymore. Why the hell did you post the same thread over and over ?

The same reason you posted twice. The boards are messed up.

I play Kirby near-religiously. He was my best character in original Smash Brothers, and besides, I love the little pink ball of fluff. I’ve given everyone else a try, too, but honestly, he just sseems the easiest to me.

I love SSBM! I play Smash as much as I can. My problem is that very few other people that I know play. Basically, just me, my brother, and my roommate play.

But I try to play with my roommate at least once a week. We get some epic battles going.

My #1 guy is Link. I dominate when I play as him. My roommate hates it. The upward and downward thrusts kick ass.

But I also have decent skills with Mr. Game & Watch, Samus, Roy/Marth (Fire Emblem Rules), and Young Link.

My roommate’s main guy is Pikachu, followed by Kirby, Luigi, Ness, and Donkey Kong.

Whenever we play, we always start with a few rounds with random characters. It definitely makes you a better player when you are forced to use guys you are not good with.

I’ve seen some stunning upsets with crappy characters like Jigglypuff, Ice Climbers, and Peach.

Melee ruined Ness.

Ness, Marth and Young Link here, despite the problems with them. Haven’t actually touched the game in months, though.

I destroyed the world with Peach.

And Link because he is so damn hot! Other than that I don’t play many other characters… though Dr. Mario is fun.


Peah rules! I just love hovering over other people while dropping vegetable on them. It just makes me laugh. My college is supposed to have a “SMASH club” for the life of me I can’t find out where they meet.

And you haven’t tracked them down?

For shame!

Everyone here hated Peach for the longest time when they figured out exactly HOW EVIL her down smash could be.

I used to rape everyone with Ice Climbers. Their smashes (when wave dashed or at least sliding crouch cancelled) were very mobile and lethal, taking on much damage each time. Once I figured out to grab someone from 0% and turn them into a bloody pulp doing a %48 grab combo, no one talked to me for weeks.

I used Ganondorf for a while, because everyone saw him as the “slow character who never wins matches.” I picked him up and learned a few of his finer points and everytime I won, I yelled ‘WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? IT’S GANONDORF! HOW CAN YOU LOSE TO GANONDORF? GANON DOESN’T WIN MATCHES!!!’ and get all angry and storm out the room. Hilarity ensues.

Sorry for posting over and over. Everytime I submitted the thread, I got the error message and thought it didn’t go through. So I kept backspacing and reposting every now and again, hoping it’d be fixed. hits self in balls

I can’t stand playing with peach. her voice acting just makes me wince.

Ness is my main man. I annoy people all over the place with PK Thunder, and there’s something just plain fun about knocking the everlovin’ crap out of someone with a yoyo.

Kirby + stand with back against edge + grab and do behind throw.
If your opponent doesn’t escape, you both die and it’s really funny. I call it the suiciplex.

Also some of my friends really suck. I killed one of them 6 times in Fourside using only Ness’ PK Thunder without getting hit once.

Same thing with kirby, but suck and drop. Kirby can fly back to safety from the absolute edge, but it’s pretty much instant death for the suckee.

I don’t do the kamikaze drop too often. I prefer smashing my way through the brawl, then running like hell before they can hit back. That, and sniping them with throwing items.

Most of my friends refuse to even play SSBM because they have no skillz.

And I’ve had so much practice that they can’t even touch me. In my opinion, if you can’t consistantly defeat 3 Lvl 9 computer opponents at the same time, you suck.

I like how balanced SSBM is. You can tell just by all the different favorite characters everyone has. Any character can be deadly if used properly.

Excuse me, but I heard that they usually only meet on Wednesday nights for a couple of hours and I’ve always had classes then. Even when it was cancelled once, I went to the room where they meet and nobody showed up.

I was always very good as Dr. Mario in matches against the CPU at level 9. Yet…I can’t play regular Mario too well. Go figure. Must be the coat…chicks dig the lab coat.

My two best characters are Yoshi and Samus. I’m not bad with Pikachu or Mewtwo either. Damn, I wish I still had my gamecube.