Smash Brothers fans: Here's a few laughs for you

That’s the best you can do? v.v


Oooh, Kirby’s getting some.

My eyes!

How Pokémon go on dates.

I’m immature enough to find that profoundly funny.

Originally posted by CalebNova
I’m immature enough to find that profoundly funny.

Well, I haven’t seen those before, but I’ve seen some similar SSB:M pics at naughty pixels (which I found, when looking for the game “Eternal daughter”, for some strange reason)…
And there’s lost of other weird pics there too…

I think SRPGCHR (Super RPGC Homies Ranged) was better >.>

Then again, I’m biased.

Mab: Yeah, I have to agree about that.

hahaha seriously funny:hahaha;

Bah, come back when you have a shot of a good threesome. :stuck_out_tongue:


Seen it before, but, whatever.

Well… er… that was rather… amusing.

From 0 to 10, I’ll rate it 5.

I like SSBM.

THIS is stupid.

Oh…It’s not a Peach and Zelda lesbian orgy. Way to get my hopes up :mwahaha: .

Hehehe! What will they come up with next?

On second thought, I’d better not ask.