Smash Bros. Soundtrack

Particularly, track 12: Smash Bros. Great Medley. Does anyone have a breakdown of what all songs are played as a part of this medley? There’s a couple that are driving me crazy.

Well, it would really help if you could tell us what songs you already know from that.

On this note, does anyone know where I can find some tracks from the free CD Nintendo Power put out that had orchestral renditions of Smash Bros. songs?

That’s the CD I’m talking about, Crono. PM me and I’ll see if I can send you the mp3s somehow.

Anyway, I’m not looking for just those few that I don’t know, I’m looking for a definitive list of every song from that track.

I’ll catch you on AIM sometime, if you don’t mind. I might even be able to work out a breakdown.