Small question about ISOs

Lately I’ve been trying to get the english version of Baldur’s Gate 2 over eMule and I have succeeded in finding the four ISOs I need. Sadly, if I downloaded the four of them, installed the game using Alcohol 120%'s virtual CD option and then erased the 1st CD ISO (Which is just installation) I’d still be left with next to no HD space.

So I need to burn them. The question is, do I just start up the Alcohol recording assistant (I have Version 1.9.2) and let it run or do I actually need to know something important about the process before starting?

EDIT: Perhaps I should note that I’m flat-fucking-broke so this is really about not loosing the $1.50 each of the CDs is worth. Yeah, I’m that broke.

If its a PC game, all you do is run your burning rom (in this case, Alcosuck), choose “disc image” or “saved project”, and let it burn. You only need to do special burns when burning games for consoles.

Perfect. Thank you.