You may now shit your pants.

My best friend goes “Lalala, can’t hear yoou!” when I try to tell her that there are games where Mario and Bowser teams up. XD

And I still giggle at the memory of:

“You’re not a tadpole.”

Psh, I love those games where you get to play as Bowser. I don’t care if Geno is probably more efficient an attacker to use, the big guy stays in my party.


I picked it up earlier, just clobbered Mack. Er, by clobbered I mean ‘barely won’, I was out of items and just managed to win. I don’t recall it being that tricky, but it’s been years since I’ve played this. Perhaps I’ve been avoiding too many enemies? I was Lv3 when the fight started.

While I’m not a fan of the fugly pre-rendered art style of the game, I still love its music. ‘Fight against an Armed Boss’ is probably one of the goofiest RPG boss themes ever.

Hm, if Mack is the boss in the mushroom city, then I remember almost getting my ass whooped too. (I think the name of the big sword was exorcyst but I keep on thinking Mack the Knife and doubting). Anyway, SMRPG was harder than both the gba and DS games.

Oh, and Bowser is part of the gang now. Deal :wink:

I would be needing to change my pants over this if I didn’t already have it on my SuperNES (and if I hadn’t already known it was coming a while back).

Still awesome news.:booster:

Now waits for SoM and quite possibly SD3 to be released on VC.

(Side Note): You know thinking about SMRPG I remember that whole Booster segment dragging on a bit too much back then (though the mini-games from hiding from the sniffets, to chasing Booster up the hill, to acquiring the wedding accessories for [STRIKE]Peach[/STRIKE] Toadstool (this ironically is the last time she is referred to as Toadstool) were indeed fun). Although that damn near impossible to complete Yoshi Races among other things (that 3D maze in the Sunken Ship also comes to mind) still haunt me to this day. (Btw, has anyone completed the 100 [STRIKE]lightning dodges[/STRIKE] Super Jumps?)

Originally Posted by SpoonyBard
I picked it up earlier, just clobbered Mack. Er, by clobbered I mean ‘barely won’, I was out of items and just managed to win. I don’t recall it being that tricky, but it’s been years since I’ve played this. Perhaps I’ve been avoiding too many enemies? I was Lv3 when the fight started.

Level 4 is when I think Mallow learns his first spell/technique/flower power/whatever Thunderbolt which is extremely useful at that point (it hits all enemies for good damage if you connect with the timed hit).

Naw, he starts with that. Then he learns HP Rain at Lv3. Mario and Mallow were bumped up to 4 when I beat Mack, and learned nuffin.

Though I’m thinkin’ I should’ve been Lv4 to start, ah well. No matter. I just gotta make it up to Belome Temple later on so I can abuse getting all the EXP I need from the two Stars there.


Very nice. Though, contra-Spoony, I loved the game’s look.

I abuse the star power in the place with Croco and level up until I have the first fireball move. I forget the names of everything.
Or maybe I mean super jump. I forget.

Damn, it’s about time they finally got it over here. Now I just actually need to play through it…

I tried to once on an emulator, but the controls I was using were pretty wonky at the time, so I kinda stopped early on. Will definitely have to play this when I get the chance.

I love this game! I played it on my SNES and as a ROM, and every time I played it I mutilated all the bosses. XD Just for the first bosses I had already leveled to the point where I got…Fireball is it? Meh, been about a year since I played. Well, that basically allowed me to just rip the Hammer Bros to shreds. XD

Mack the Knife was just as bad, power leveled to 5-7 and then viciously beat him to a pulp. Then again, levels stopped at 25.

Hmm, never got too far with the super jump, highest was about 20 if I remember correctly. :smiley:

Oh, note to Hades. Super Jump is not as good on Croco as Fireball, unless you are ridiculously good with it. XD Fireball did extra damage to him.

Hey, what bosses annoyed you guys the most? Mine would be that guy that killed himself with a giant bomb in the mines, right before you get the 3rd(yellow) Star. …I still hate him to this day for those annoying bombs of his…

SoM is soon being released in Japan I think so expect it across the sea soon. I personally would rather see the games on the DS. I have enough things to play on my home consoles as is. Too many fucking things even. I barely finished Too Human and there’s castle crashers, infinite undiscovery, viva pinata 2, dq4 ds and all kinds of other shit. Then there is tales of vesperia, SW force unleashed and here comes october. Holy fucking shit.

I’d rather see SoM on the VC rather than running the risk of Sword of Fucking Mana 2 (well that, and the fact that there wouldn’t be anything worth waiting for on the Wii otherwise).

That said I otherwise agree that these games should be remade for DS (especially for Wi-Fi which would be excellent for SD2 and possibly 3).

<a href=“”>Punchinello?</a> I hated the Axem Rangers and Belome pt2. Yardovich was a pain too.

And I know the fire move is better, I was just talking about how far I level up before I fight him.

This is pretty cool, I guess. I’m still hoping we’ll see another Paper Mario some time in the next year or two.

YES!! I hated Punchinello because of his goddamn bombs(the large ones are hard to kill before they blow).

The Axem Rangers are easy if you know how to win(and I do as I’ve played through this game many times). Just kill Pink, Green, Black, Yellow, Red. That was usually how I did it.

Belome Pt 2 is also just a matter of concentrating on him with Mario + Super Jump and constantly beating his allies with someone like Bowser or Geno while you have the third character(probably Peach) healing with Group Hug and Therapy, occasionally using Maple Syrups.

Yardovich is just a matter of knowing which is which when he splits and having Peach constantly using Group Hug everytime he attacks with that one move. The way to tell them apart is the amount of damage your attacks do. If they do alot, that’s the fake(being level 15+ also helps(I think that’s what I was)).

Oh, and on SD2 and SD3(played both, got to almost end in SD3), I would love to see them come back. SD3 could be really good with Wi-Fi as there are dozens of team choices, letting customization be great. The problem I see with it is how it would be done. Would they create special maps for it?

I never made it to 100 on the super jump, but managed all the way up to 85. The weird part was… it wasn;t that hard. something just clicked that day. it was like when I got a maxed-out score on beetlemania without turbo (Actually, I do worse in that game if I try a turbo button. Funny, that.)

I’m happy this is happening, but as I still have my cart, as well, not wetting my pants over it.

Call me when Crystalis makes it’s way to the VC.

Downloaded it.
I hope we will see some more Square games in the near future.

I’m usually way overleveled at any given point in the game.

I enjoy pretty much the entire game start to finish

Oh this game bring backs memories…

I never was able to do the Yoshi races on my own, but somehow my sister who never plays video games finished it like it was nothing. I did the maze in the pirate ship though and did 100 super jumps.