Slow Downloads?

I used to download fast in Bittorent (Another Bittorent Client) but now my downloads are really slow. I was downloading a really popular anime series and the speed was only 8 kb/s. A lot of files were going at 0.

Direct Connect downloaded fast on my other computer like a year ago, and I got tons of stuff, but now it tends to go under 1 kb/s for me, and the users always log off! They say wait for stuff and it eventually comes, but with DC++, stuff never comes for me. The estimator says wait 1000 days, which is practically never

To troubleshoot with Bittorent, I used Bitcomet, set the simultaneous files to 5, and even seeded all the finished downloads. The downloads still sucked, and i noticed nothing uploading

My problems of Direct Connect have been going on ever since I tried it on my computer, which was a couple months. Last month, someone said to port forward to make my downloads faster, and took me to the filters page. He logged off on me, so it didn’t get finished. Then someone else helped me on IRC and took me to the port forwarding page. AFter this, I started getting slower downloads in Bittorent. So I set a lot of those values back to 0, and turned off the check box in the Port Forwarding Page

I’m not sure if I set the port forwarding page back to normal, but the filters page is. I’d like help to make the POrt Forwarding Page back to normal. I have a linksys router. Either that, or I can reinstall the cable software, but I’m not sure how to do that.

But some people on IRC says it’s not the cable’s fault, because I had fast downloads on IRC. 30 kb/s on IRC, and a 20 kb/s file on Aeris Lite. I think my Firefox downloads are also fine

The problem is that Direct Connect (or any other download resuming program) will eat up Bittorrent’s bandwidth. Some clients will kick/ban for using DC.

I havne’t run Direct connect in awhile. Maybe I should uninstall it altogether?

AT this rate, I won’t be able to download new fansubs as it comes out. Then it’ll have less seeds and it’ll take even longer to download stuff. There’ll just be a pile of unfinished downloads