Slave rules for AD&D


Do anyone know where I can find rules, information and facts about slaves in AD&D?
Are there any products available to buy, involving slave rules?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Huh? Why do you need extra rules to have a person in submission? And dude, official products? Are you willing to buy AD&D books just so that your PC can have slaves?

Unless you want one of those crazy nonsense rules stating that “a fighter can only have (level * modifier * dice roll) servants/followers”, which are ridiculous. Just talk to your GM and decide betwenn you two how many slaves you’ve got. It’s simpler, cheaper, and more quickly solved.

I think <a href=“”>this</a> page will tell you everything you need to know.

It’s not that surprising, I heard there are even AD&D rules for having sex (Just something I heard though). BTW Ren, I love your sig.

Theres rules for everything in D&D, if you own all the books. However, I thought the DMG (dungeon master’s guide) had rules for minions? Would that count towards slaves? Or are we talking outside 3rd edition?

There a rules for everything, This is true. However, finding those rules is probably more trouble than it’s worth in this case. It’s hard enough finding something specific in the first place and this is something probably not in the core rulebooks if you don’t consider them a cohort or follower. Since AD&D no longer exists as of 3rd Edition, this is probably 2nd or 1st, which i don’t know too well. OAS or Shinryuu may know something, though.

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Ok, Thanks! But if anyone find any rules/facts or info (maybe in some campaign boxs or expansions) please let me know.



Book of Vile Darkness does have a minions thing, which can be used for slaves the way its written, especially the bonuses for being cruel to them. I don’t really see why you would need rules for slaves though, unless you’re trying to set prices to buy them.