Sk8er dog > You

No, really, he does

psh, -I- can do that… if I wanted to…

that’s so neat!!!

hehe. I wonder how long it took the owner to train the dog to do that. He even leaned the correct way and stuff.

That dog is my hero.

That dog is just plain AWESOME! XD

Not quite as awesome as the SportKa ad, but still pretty damned awesome. I confer upon this dog the title of ‘Awesomest’

He’s Better than Me!

Big Nutter

It would have ended with him becoming a road waffle.

C -

I was hoping the dog would ollie or something. That would have been impressive. Still, it’s better skating than I can do.

LoL, holy crap, that’s good! I can’t skate for shit. I ski, but the only wheels I’m good on (other than car) is a bike.

While we’re boasting about how much we suck, I lose my balance going straight down the driveway. :smiley: