Happy birthday man! Many many happy returns.

I dedicate the female ejaculation thread to you. Make the best of the last year of your 20s. And come on MSN more.

Happy birthday.

Last year of his 20s. Oh man. This reminds me I’m almost 24 :confused:

But yeah, live it up, and have another writing contest. I still remember the first one.

Dude, I just hit it. Trust, no big deal yet. I’ll stop having birthdays after 25 :hahaha; .

Happy birthday, man. You’re political insights are always a pleasure to read.

You never talk to <b>me</b> on MSN >:(

Happy anniversary!

Happy birthday, old coot!

I guess we should dust our Starcraft CDs to have a proper Birthday Bash.

Happy birthday, Jeffers man.

Happy birthday, SK!

Agreed. This time I can actually contribute something worthwhile. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good one, man!

Yeah, happy birthday, ‘n’ stuff.

Yeah I going to wait until tomorrow to wish you “Happy Belated Birthday” like I frequently do for two reasons. First I don’t like to play favorites to everybody as that wouldn’t be playing favorites, and second it’s not called ‘belated’ for nothing.

Originally Posted by Zero
I guess we should dust our Starcraft CDs to have a proper Birthday Bash.

Also as soon as I n00bishly get Starcraft running and god willing have the time I would like to join in on some of that SC action too. Although, if I’m not wanted I won’t pry any further.

I can’t even remember the last year of my 20s! :hahaha;

Anyway, Happy Birthday indeed, SK. Of all the big minds in here, you’re the one I admire the most, not just for your knowledge, but for your sense of humanity. May you never change.

Have some caik!

The cake is a lie, Wilf.

happy birthday buddy.

Happy birthday amigo.

Thank you all! I was traveling and didn’t see this thread until today. I appreciate your good wishes.

That can be rectified, if you wish. PM me your contact information.

Of course. I’m not sure if this wireless network is fast enough to support an SC game, but we could try.


Great! As soon as I’m done writing my programs (Saturday at the earliest) I’ll start getting myself up and running.

Happy birthday. And get the new Underworld album!