Six legged mechawalker!

It’s only a matter of time before one of these is made, with guns instead.

Hmmmmm,if I could only make it bigger,with giant guns,and all for myself imagine all the things I could do.

Real life X-ATM 092. I love it.

Awesomeness. I want one :smiley:

Mobile Suit:Walker.

So, how long until we get a Protoss Dragoon?

Screw guns, just gimmie that one with armor plating. Nothing more fun that picking people up and throwing them, eh?

“Eco-friendly” and “log-hauling”
Sounds oxy-moronically good :smiley:

Nice. That is very nice.

Then we’ll get the Philosophers legacy back from those damned americans!

I finaly have use for that snow speeder

That thing is sooooooooooooooo
COOL :suckah:

Great. All we need is one that’s intelligent, and we’ll be screwed. :stuck_out_tongue: