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I recently reformatted my HDD so I need to refill my book marks and programs. So, can you all post some links to useful stuff? (fun times)

<a href=“”>Ad-Aware</a>
<a href=“”>Spybot</a>
<a href=“”>RegClean</a>
<a href=“”>The Defilerpak</a> (I prefer 1.16 over 1.17, just change the download URL)
<a href=“”>Quicktime Alternative and Real Alternative</a>
<a href=“”>Media Player Classic</a>
<a href=“”>Winamp 2.91</a>
<a href=“”>Powerarchiver</a>
<a href=“”>SlimBrowser</a>
<a href=“”>Mozilla Thunderbird</a>
<a href=“”>Mozilla FireFox</a>
<a href=“”>AVG AntiVirus Free Edition</a> (just in case you don’t have one yourself) (PM me for Norton AV Corporate)
<a href=“”>1stpage 2000</a>
<a href=“”>Alcohol 120%</a>
<a href=“”>BitTornado</a>
<a href=“”></a>
<a href=“”></a>
<a href=“”></a>

I’m constantly adding stuff as I think of it.

Chances are you’ve already got:

Big Nutter

Oh those types of links…my bad. (New Winamp Version 5.03)

That’s what I can think of right now…

DivX isn’t needed with Defilerpak.
Winamp 2.91 is better than Winamp 5 hisses
McAfee requires you to pay

Except for the Modern Skin crap, Winamp 5.03 still has the old options and such, you just gotta look for it, oh that and get Geiss 4.23 and Geiss 2 as visualizations. I have a free Virus-Scan setup on my comp thru BU, which I could probably send.
If it doesn’t work, then go with TD’s suggestions.

Yeah, I use my winamp for listening to songs, and just need a playlist button, I don’t need all that bloated skin and visualisation crap. And as for AV, go with my suggestion anyway. Your online thing doesn’t include resident shields and stuff.!



If not for the FAQs, for the message boards on specific games.

Best Download

Basically has just about any program you could want.