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Sin, I love your update on the main page… some of you actually met girls? In real life? Whoa! I guess things do change.

I met a guy. He said yes. Does that count?

Girls are gross and have cooties.

There’s a MAIN PAGE? :open_mouth:

What’s a life? And what’s the difference between a real one and a non-real one? :frowning:

Edit: Wait you mean the one that’s been there since late April? Man! So behind the times!

I know, right? I tend to forget…

… which is why I missed this! So, I happen to click there when I want to see if someone’s working on a shrine for something I need…

I’ve been practically married for the last 3 years… only I’m gay and it’s to a man so I never really fell into your category of sadness nor have I been there since I was out of highschool :smiley: (as we all know highschool relationships are meaningless).

But uh, thanks for your concern :smiley:


Geez, seven years since Jim was shown the door? Time flies.

Come to think of it, I started OL shortly before that happened. So I’ve been working on the sprite comic off and on for seven and a half years.


VIVE LA REVOLUTION…n’ stuff. :toast:

I’ve looked for my life, but I haven’t found it yet. :frowning:

I actually kinda miss making shit >_>

If it matters at all, the FFC’s ten-year anniversary is coming up next year…

You know what else is coming up next year? My boner, for you, Cid. 10 years :open_mouth:

I am profoundly disturbed by that statement.

You should be. I think it just moved a little.


Someone needs to sig this.

Any big plans for that yet, or am I asking too soon?
(I actually was reading the other day thanks to my interest in FF12!)

We only keep ties to this place to maintain the forum as a jumping off point for regaining connection to each other and rebuilding society after the inevitable apocalypse.

No, no big plans I’m afraid… I can barely keep up with the current work as it is, even with a new maintainer. There’s just been way too many releases in the last two years. -_- If you have any ideas which wouldn’t be too much work, I’d be glad to hear 'em. :sunglasses:

On the plus side, once FF4DS and FFTA2 are released, the only other thing on the radar is Dissidia, and then I can get a bit of a break. Even when FF13 is released, we won’t be covering it anytime soon. And on the plus side, FF4 isn’t likely to do much retranslation, and FFTA2 is brand-new, both of which are less annoying to deal with than all the retranslations that’ve happened recently.

Some even got married and produced progeny.