Sinistralian Delight

Will be delayed until sometime in January. I’m in no mood and have no time to work on it. I have to go to Arlington.

Fuck you, The 984!


Every time you make a Sin cry, a universe collapses in on itself.

The only sin is the sin of being born.

The 984: “I got too close to Sin, and…”

Way to make Baby Sinistral cry >:/

I have my reasons. Arlington should have been a clue.

I’m not holding it against you, my condolences to you and those close to you.

Huh? Im lost, I thought we were talking about board themes. wtf is arlington

A small Texas town not unlike El Paso where 984 fell in love with a Mexican girl. >_>

Stay strong 984 :slight_smile:

Oh, man, I thought it was something bad.

A famous cemetery.

My condolences, 984. =\

Man I’m sure it will be as good as every other style you’ve made so far