Sinistral is comparable to this man


He looks like a red ‘x’?

Ummmm… Me?

But I am not agreeing to this.

He’s comparable to no one. Get it? 8)

Sinistral is everyone and he is no-one. He is the cold hand you feel on your shoulder when you are not paying attention, he is the cries you hear in the distance at night.

He is…


He’s also the guy who crushes arguments.

From what I see, that site is just a big gallery of queer smut featuring Jr, Albedo and that other guy who’s name eludes me. Which one is the pic from?

Zero has revealed his hentai website.

yeah… um warning to all… The image is accessable if you right click to get the url and go there directly. I would NOT recommend this. It really makes no sense, and is likely to inspire some sort of divine wrath of the elder gods.

Thats just my take of seeing some guy with white hair pulling off his shirt with his teeth and no having his pants buttoned up.

give him horns and angry eyebrows and thats exactly what he looks like

Sin deserves a Knights Cross.

Kewl, Sin’s a red X!

Just Clicka for da Pic’a

It says You are not authorized to view this page.

So…Sin’s comparable to an extremely horny K’ (or Albedo, whichever you prefer) taking his shirt off to have hot sweaty sex?

For some reason, that doesn’t surprise me.

I can’t say I agree. :frowning:

I don’t think you can compare Sinistral to anything… he is… dunno how to describe him exactly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is everyone else having trouble with the links? if you see a red x right click on the link and go to proerties then copy paste the web address to address bar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hot steamy incest sex.

Dryd Kio ec hud uha uv ic!!

Big Nutter
That Guy is not one of us!!

just go to
quite sexy.