Sinistral became a woman, more on this at 11

Well, maybe NOT, but during a terribly boring moment @ work I found myself stumbling on this: A girl’s picture that looked EERILY like a womanish Sinistral.

Photoshop’s vile touch, or an untold operation? YOU DECIDE

Is it the eyebrows…?

It’s definately the grin. That’s the sin-grin.

THis is where Charlemagne should photoship his real hair or face in or something.

She’s graded 7.6 at Hot or Not, just FYI.

Shesin Deserves it.

Surfing for porn? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish.

That’s freaky. O_o

That’s DOUBLE freaky.

She isn’t really that bad.

but don’t tell Sin that.

Still freaky though.

send it back to hell!

Ive seen things like that before. actually, we have this one guy at school, he wears his hair long. but school started the ther day, and he walks in to class, and the teach thought he WAS A GIRL!!!

I kind of see the resemblance.

Apparently I look like some girl SG has the hots for. I’ve seen her picture, and even though it’s blurry, I don’t see it.

It’s definatly got to be the grin,and the eyebrows.This is just freaky.

My gods … it’s not even enough to cause YAR HEAD A SPLODE.

oh yeah? thats what you think I’d do? HUH?! well you’re WRONG!


That looks so natural. Now that “girl” looks a lot sexier than the one in the first post, in my opinion. Her eyebrows are too damned thick. Mine aren’t nearly as black and thick and I get mine done every month, geez.

Whose face is that, btw?