Sinistral 10,000th Post Toxx Clause Thread

First of all, what is a Toxx Clause? A Toxx Clause is a promise made on an internet forum, whereby a forum member urges another forum member to do something (such as say make his 10,000th post) by making some sort of bet. If the other forum member does the act (makes the 10,000th post), then the original forum user must make good on his promise or be banned. For example, if I urge Sinistral to make his 10,000th forum post by promising to blow him, then when he makes his 10,000th post, I either blow him (and provide photographic evidence) or I get banned. Get the point?

The fact is, you aren’t going to encourage the man to make his 10,000th post with whiny little RPGC style bitching. Sinistral is a man of action, and as such he also respects other men of action. I therefore propose a Toxx Clause contest. Forum members can submit their toxx clause promises in this thread…then when Sinistral is good and ready, he can quote the one he likes best as his 10,000th post. Of course, the toxx clause is only valid if Sinistral makes his 10,000th post in this thread. The 10,001st post would not require any user to make good on their promise. Of course, I am not a mod, so it’s not like I can actually enforce the banning element of the toxx clause…but nevertheless, could you really live out the rest of your life knowing you didn’t fulfill your promise to a man with hair like that? You might as well kill yourself.

I’ll get things kick started here. I promise to compose a Chinese poem in traditional style praising the life and times of almighty Sinistral, lord of the RPGC republic, disposer of the Dynasty Shaheen. My poem will be handwritten in caligraphic style on parchment, attached to linen scroll, and sent to Sinistral’s house if he will do the honor of quoting this post for his 10,000th post.



Wonder whetever happened to him

I love this idea - it’s so much more interesting.

I’ll complete my SaGa Frontier shrine right away.


Fucking genius.

I will finish my reenacting kit, dress up in it and sing you the song of my people.

I’ll write a Shakespearean love sonnet about Sinistral’s hair on aged paper in Victorian writing and mail it to him

I’ll make Elfmo 2.

– SG –

If I were Sinistral, I would quote this R I G H T _ N O W. I guess I better get 9,999 posts :frowning:

If you’re taking the Shakespearean sonnet, I’ll take the Petrarchan. I’m torn between a theme of love or sublimity. But no guarantees on the Victorian writing and snail-mail.

I would totally offer my spinning skills to spin your hair into gold, but that’d be a crime against nature.

So instead I’ll spin my own hair into gold and mail it to you. :booster:

I will beat Metroid Prime or Aria of Sorrow. Or make a cento. Or stay in bed two more hours. Take your pick.

edit: I got it! I will find my midgame* save of that masochistic Zelda:Parallel words mod and beat the damn thing, as a monument to perseverance. (Level design:bad. Difficulty: An order of magnitude harder than ALTTP on which it’s based, rather cheap usually.)

*I suppose. It’s when you enter the second world, so it could be 1/3rd or 1/4th.

edit2:My disc of Metroid Prime can’t load the data after a point. Damn.

I’ll finally get off my ass, learn some HTMl that I’ve put off for fucking forever, and do some of those shrines I’ve been meaning to do for, like, forever. Like the Atelier iris shrine.

I’ll, uh… make very serious faces and intend sincerely to do something important, then forget all about it.

Really. I promise.

I’ll bathe.

I’ll finish Online Life before 2010. Honest!

Whoa whoa whoaaa!!! Don’t say things you can’t take back :open_mouth:

I’ll crawl from under the rock that is the RP board!

I’ll write an entire collection of lemon stories on Sin. XD

I guess you’d better, haha.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Would you post your 10,000th post?

I’ll send you the money for one.

Actually, I have to either alter or rescind mine: A big reason I didn’t finish it this summer is that I can’t use my CD drives to take screenshots for certain sections (the shops, in particular; shops in the games are not in obvious places, so I wanted to be able to show where each one was visually). So, my amended version would be that I could get a version of the shrine that would be ready to be launched (I could even have a shop section with the lists of items and prices, no problem), but not PERFECT.

FYI, if you do pick mine, Sinistral: It would take about 2-4 weeks to prep the shrine from its current state.