Since when the people here are jackasses?

Personally, I’ve seen a lot of those threads come and go, and there’s always ONE thing missing in those threads so that they become valid.

A quantifiable date.

Tell me the exact date (and the reason why that date is the knot in RPGC’s storyline) where the forums have gone to shit, and maybe the forums will believe you.

Since I stopped posting often enough to soak up all the suck into myself.

No one has an exact date for it, most likely because: A) It happened gradually so no one noticed until it was too late; B) Some people might be ignorant enough to STILL not have noticed; or C) They might like it better this way, so they’re HIDING the exact date (note that this is option “C”) But if anyone REALLY feels like going through the archives to find it, go ahead. I don’t care enough to at this point.

In any case, it’s been proven that nothing is going to change now. Best to just let it go, or find something better to do. (Before anyone starts bitching at me for taking my own advice, I’m only still here out of sheer boredom and lonliness, and as soon as my schedule starts getting more filled, as it will very soon, you can all start celebrating my sudden disappearance.)

No one I’ve met here has been less than friendly after being treated the same. That’s good enough for me.

Don’t leave me Nessie!


I wouldn’t say it’s all that bad. Maybe it’s not as good as it used to be, but it’s still better than most forums out there. 8)

Saying people are jackasses and not saying why you believe what you believe really doesn’t help anyone figure out what the hell it is you’re asking or help anyone solve the problem.

I don’t think the forums have changed at all, I think your expectations have gotten to high for the internet

There have always been jerks, not just here, but everywhere. I don’t think the forums have gotten that much worse, it’s just that we tend to forget about the assholery in the past, and thus it seems that the present is much worse.

Feh. As far as I’m concerned, these threads aren’t any help, since I don’t consider anyone in particular to be “jackasses.” (Besides Hades, but you get the idea.) Since when are the people here are jackasses?[sic]

That’s exactly the point I was trying to make. Unless you bring concrete proof to the table that we all became jackasses some time ago, then why should we believe it?

Especially since the only person who’s just randomly insulting people right now is deadtear. I remember a couple of months back there were A LOT more people than just him.

Yes. The boards now suck because one or two people are insulting people indiscriminately instead of one or two thirds of the board.

Fuck you Yar.

They’ve always been, you’ve just changed.


No thanks, I’m straight. :slight_smile:


What a happy image.