Since people are revealing bad things about their schools...

Here we go.

  • Elementry school had a similar defecating experience. They had talk of installing security cameras in the bathrooms, but that was quickly shot down. I got accused of it since someone saw me jumping off the wall in the bathroom. How this turned to smearing shit all over the place I have no idea.

  • Someone spilled coffee in the office of my elementry school and the office went ablaze. Then a few weeks later a janitor left some oily rag in a closet and it also caught flame.

  • Middle school was psychotic. Columbine was when I was in 6th grade, so some kid thought it’d be great to spray paint on the football field (my middle school used to be a high school so we have a foot ball field) something like “Everybody will die on September 7th”. We had cops on the roof, in the hall ways, everywhere - it was insane.

  • As far as drugged out High Schools go, I’ve got you all beat. People smoke bowls (marijuana) in class, smoke opium in class, do lines of cocaine in class and in the bathrooms, smoke crack in the bathrooms, and just about everybody in the building pops all sorts of pills - from anti-depressents to massive painkillers like hydrocodene and oxycontin.

  • My freshman year, a teacher was fired for violating his contract. Turns out he had been fired from a previous school for “fraternizing” with a student. One of the stipulations of his contract with my school was that he could not be alone with female students in a class room. He violated this, and was fired. Last year, my junior year, a teacher was fired for accusations of molestation and sexual harassment.

  • Last year, five people from my school died. Over the summer there were 3 - two graduated seniors and a rising sophmore all died in seperate car crashes. Then over the thanksgiving holiday a teacher and a counselor died. Then this year a friend of mine died in a car crash. Our school is cursed.

  • Freshman year all markers and white out pens were banned. The reason was that people were tagging gang signs all over the place, so the obvious solution is to ban markers.

  • Freshman year the principal announced over the intercom that since arm pits were so sexy all sleveless shirts should be banned.

  • Massive racial fights have spontaneously erupted in my school all the years I’ve been there. The Mexicans and the Black people seem to get into it all the time. One time last year there was a giant brawl in the middle of the hall way. Four people were arrested and one kid was sent to the hospital. Black people won. (Yay!)

So yeah. I win.

Damn, and I thought my school was bad. Well, my list isn’t that impressive but:

[li]Bathroom shitted walls, exactly the same as Hades (Is this a new fashion or something?). I know it because I was the first one to discover it >.<
[/li][li]“Accidentally on purpose” firing the smoke detectors and soaking us all. This happens at least once a month.
[/li][li]Destroying tiles and some other stuff in the bathroom by improvising a bomb using hardcore pyrotechnics.
[/li][li]Removing (I’m still wondering how the fuck they did that) a vital segment of the pipes. This soaked a whole floor and rendered the whole hydro-structure useless for a good while.
[/li][li]Chain-locking all the doors (I’m guessing this was done in the middle of the night) so that nobody could get in.

Man, does it suck to write a follow-up message.

Our school had a molotov cocktail attack a few years ago, and made news everywhere when they refused to graduate a girl who had dyed her hair blue.

Nothing much.

guh…no…just…no. Relationships are the LAST thing kids your age should be worrying about. People my age aren’t mentally stable enough for it, let alone preteens. O_o;;

My school isn’t that bad.
-There’s been a number of deaths of graduate students and one of my class mates died in a car wreck during my sophomore year.
-The school and the middle school nearby have been on lock down twice: Once because the swat was in the neighborhood trying to stop a guy from commiting suicide, and another time when a guy was murdered in the nearby apartments.
-The school needs repairing. The cooler fell through the roof of a closet in the choir room, the science rooms turn into swamps when it rains, and the entire eating area turns into a lake when it sprinkles.
-The school has its own time. We were 7 minutes behind the rest of the city, now we’re 3 minutes ahead. I miss my 7 minute window to get to school…
-For awhile, flipflops were banned. And chains(like the ones on wallets), and the spiked jewelry because that’s obviously a weapon. Also torn clothes aren’t allowed.
-They have random drug checks where the dogs come in and sniff all your stuff.

Kiro, I remember in fifth grade when two people were dating, it was the talk of the school. Gah, it was lame. My elementary and middle schools suck now. The good principals left to the rich schools and left crap behind. They fenced in my middle school and enforced uniforms. They’re afraid the kids will run rampant, since it’s been rumored the school is full of gang members.

Urine from the bathroom above the band room would leak and drip down into a puddle in the band room

Hmmmm. Mine wasn’t too bad. Compared to some of the others here. A kid in grade 9 hung himself 'cause he couldn’t deal with bullying and a teacher was accused of molesting a girl from the nearby girls school.

Ha I knew Sorc would totally come in and mop the floors with us :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see why. I wouldn’t want my group grad photo soiled by some punk bitch with blue hair.

God, who DOES that anyway!?

well I dunno how my school is. I only have 4 classes a week and most of the time I skip half of them. But when I happen to show my face at school I find it quite amusing.
Especially on Thursdays cause theres lots of hot females in the smoking area when I have my lunchbreak so i’m not complaining. especially one of them gothic chicks… mmm she’s hot and i’ve got her phone number last week so i love my school

At my college, one student used a phone in one of the offices to make a bomb threat. To that office.

That kid must use a wheelchair, since his massive balls prevent him from walking upright.

Nowt I can Add to that, I have No idea what to do between from Hi to Flowers to bedtime.


Say what?

Let’s see well my school’s pretty good.

IF you don’t count the stabbing we had a couple of years ago. Students constantly lighting up during lunch, right outside the school gates, in plain site of a secruity camera. The guy who used to pratically masturbate during the middle of class. The fire we once had in one of the corridors. The complaints that students had been pissing in the rubbish bins (don’t even ask).

Yeah, other than that my schools great.

Ignore him enough and maybe he’ll go away.

Well I’ll throw in my school crazy-asses. A guy I knew throughout the last two years of my senior schooling got arrested for murder and is currently doing 20-life! And at the beginning of my semester someone got taken out of the dorms by armed police for rape.

31% of students at UCI have admitted to doing weed ( I think recently) in a survey and at least once a year we usually have a dumbass/bitch who ODs on drugs/alcohol at a frat party. At McGill, where I’ll be going, there was a string of I think armed robberies not far from the main campus and there’s an ass that spouted all kinds of racist crap outside the main gate.

Oh my God Eva and Sorc. Our school is a catholic school so it isn’t bad. When I was in 6th grade the 8th graders unscrewed the pipes in the science teacher’s room. One time someone put a pack of cigarettes in the ceiling (We have these ceiling tiles you can push up). Our class as a whole is more of a disrespect class rather then doing stuff to get us expelled. There is this one teacher who we give hell. Kiro I know how you feel and I know it sucks.

Thanks everyone.

I just remembered this, last year a kid in 5th or 6th (That was the last year my school had 6th…YEAH! XD) grade got run over by an old lady’s car when he was crossing the street on a scooter.

Yeah, our school sometimes gives to much info on things. -_-

lol ;p

I also forgot to mention that my school has no windows in any of the classrooms. As such, the shitty air filtration system recycles the same germs all throughout the school. Without windows, very little fresh air ever gets in, so my there are always sick people at my school.