Since people are revealing bad things about their schools...

…I might as well jump on the bandwagon and share. We have mould on the walls of our school. Seriously. We have cultivated life in our classrooms. And because the damn building’s so damn old, it doesn’t have the gap, so whenever it’s gets humid, the walls sweat. It’s pretty disgusting.

Yeah well, when the custodians went on strike here, people responded by pissing in cups and leaving them in the hallways.

We’ve had bomb threats.

Someone lit the bathroom on fire once.

In math foundations (which I quickly left) the slackers used to peel the tiles off of the floor. They do that in math academics as well, where I transfered, but I took no part in it.

An english teacher has admitted that the reason his white mustache is stained is because of his weed addiction (that has GOT to be false, although it is gross to look at)

A gym teacher was fired for reportedly either a) getting high b)getting high with his students.

And they say our school is one of the better ones, in the municipality. I shudder to think what the rest are like.

And I thought I had it bad.

Back in middle school, one of the shop teachers got in trouble for looking down girl’s shirts.

My College has had electrical problems the whole year, and half the lights in all the buildings do not work.

Nothing to bad

Edit: One time in study hall, we found a case of moutain dew that had to be from the early 80s due to the font design. The vintage dew tasted horrible according to the fools who drank it.

I guess it’s my turn to reveal things about my school, then

My Former High School Has had the following:
Numerous Bomb Threats(a couple of which I was accused of)
Uniformed cops who randomly search people
No AC, but they spent 75,000 dollars on a camera system
A Glass Hallway that would be fucked in the event of a tornado(which has been fixed and is now surrounded by brick)
People who blaze up joints in the middle of class(myself included)
Teachers who I used to do drugs with
racial profiling
and(not that it’s a bad thing, to me it is since I’m a Bungles fan)
A 2000 graduate who is now the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Back in middle school, the school got a bomb threat, and one of the teachers got fired for looking at porn in class.

A girl got murdered at my high school, as well. It’s really not something to brag about, since it caused a lot of hysteria…it’s forgotten now, but recently, one of the girls involved in the stabbing got parole or something. I forgot how or why it happened, but it wasn’t the first or last death here either -_-;;

In primary (5-11) My class was the Smallest, 19 was at one point the class total.

In secondary (11-16), Loo fire. someone signed exam form as “Seymour Butts”.

In Collage (16+) Light Fitting hit me on the head.

Big Nutter
Pretty boring…

My secondary school is threatened to be closed next year. It’s an environmental hazzard.

One of my teachers is a kerry supporter gasp
…yeah, There’s not much surprising about my school.

At my old highschool some kid hanged himself junior year. And last year after I was out, unknown persons tagged the school with anti-semetic statements and what not. Now they have security cameras I believe. But that is what a Catholic Highschool does to you!

Mine isn’t really bad, these are things that are sorta specific.

-My teacher last year was completely oblivious to all the teasing and hate I recieved.

-Everyone I know exept a few people have become complete sterio-types. Is it so wrong that I’m not girly, don’t like boys (Some of the kids in my class have boyfriends…0-0), and I have a non-sick (Usually…-_-) sence of humor?

Ah, the fun of being 11.
You’ll grow up, look back, and snootily laugh at all your friends =D

I dunno about you, but it seems pretty wrong to me for kids to start having relationships at 11 years of age… there’s extremely low chances of puberty happening then.

Emulation of pop culture icons or bad parenting… YOU DECIDE!

Eva, about half of my teachers, from the time I was 16 to today, get high with their students in parties and it’s nothing considered bad here. Of course, they get high with alcohol. If you meant your teacher got high with something else, then it would be bad here.

In my former school, we’ve had bombs set and popped in a toilet and in one of those 3 ft. tall trash cans. Some people are really gross when they want to spread dirt around.

I made a 4 ft. long paper airplane when I was 12 and we threw it from the 6th floor. It hit a moving car nearby, but fortunately no accident happened.

Heaven and hell know why, but there is an acquarium in the chemistry lab. You know where it’s headed. Kids insist in throwing every kind of chemicals in it to see the effects on fish. I’ve seen the poor little animals act like all kinds of people you’d see in a sanitarium. I’ve even seen a fish performing what looked like an underwater sommersault.

They’ve already put shalk, and sometimes instant mix for a variety of juices (and other things as well) in the taps.

We had shalk wars everyday when I was on my teens.

Oh man. Okay, so get this: Over the past few weeks, unknown individuals have, listen closely, shit in the bathrooms at my school. But this shit didn’t end up in toilets. They rubbed it on the walls, mirrors, and windows. And then last monday, they did it again. Lol. I think it’s fucking hillarious. and the principal made a speech and he was like, “Some sick individuals have defecated on the walls of the boys bathroom. This student or students need serious help, and his actions are a cry for attention. If you have ANY information,” blah blah blah, and everyone in my class was laughign so hard :stuck_out_tongue: It was great :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope the guy washed his hands after doing that. A similar thing happened in my elementary school.

Well, when your role-models are whores, and dolls that look like whores, they’re going to end up fucked up.

And kiro, Grammar School sucks when you are going through it, but once you are in high-school, you’ll look back on it and wish you were 11 again. Sucks you got made fun of, though. =(

That happend in my dorm hall this week