Since it hasn't been done in a while

V - voluptuous female ninjas :dancer:

A voluptuous person would not be a very good ninja. It would be better if they were svelte.

Waaaaaaaah (stupid ninja noise)!

X-Ray goggles

Y- Yamato

Z- Zee end o dis.

Wow. A lot of you put stuff that has nothing at all to do with ninjas.

I’m taking the liberty of changing the subject to retarded things on RPGC

A- All

um…no :hint:

B - BlueMageOne!! Just kidding I love you lol wtf yesplz…


C- Cool hand Luke, he was a ninja at breaking parking meters and eating eggs

d - dark

E - What?

F-Flying ninjas! Rumors used to circulate that ninjas could fly and do other magical things.

G - gymnists… i’m sure ninjas would be good gymnists. that and chicks that can stretch like that… woo. lol

High… since ninjas could jump really high. Yeah that’s waht I meant.


J- Jack the ripper, since he evaded the local athorities like a ninja

K- KFC, cause they treat their victims like KFC treats chickens.

doesn’t I come before J?

I don’t like vowels

L - Lasers. If ninjas don’t have lasers, they damn well should.