Since it hasn't been done in a while

B - Bullocks

C - can’t post

since C couldn’t be posted…C: Cat’s eyes were sometimes used to tell time by ninjas.

D - Banned.

<!-- how did no one say that yet? :stuck_out_tongue: -->

E - Exuberant

G-Goddamnit, I can see why this hasn’t been done for a while.

H - i’m so lonely

I - Icy hand of death.

I murdered all your relatives!

Just joking.

K- Kill you all

L - LOL!


sorry, wasn’t paying attention

[EDIT] N - Naughty-no-jutsu

‘N’ is the letter that comes right after ‘M’, Fenril. Just a friendly reminder.

O- Oops, a ninja

P-poo-poo head ninja. :slight_smile:

Queer ninja for the straight gaijin.

R- Red stuff after you meet a ninja

S - Swift fighting style :enguard:

T - Traps of pointy death.

U=Underground lair which is a secret to everyone else but leet ninjas.