since I'm already canvassing the masses

What you need to figure out how to do is have like 5 lines but the person is able to put whatever they want before the :

Originally posted by Flintedge
[b]Yeah, if your text size is more than 80. How many people have 800-digit ICQ numbers?

That was a response to Xelo. [/b]
Possible the 1e800<sup>th</sup> person to join ICQ.

I woulden’t mind.

Originally posted by Bakufan19
Couldn’t there be other things to put on the site other than ICQ or AIM numbers?
do you have any suggestions?

Nicknames maybe.
Favorite Website
Favorite individual song
Maybe a real name slot for those of us who don’t care

Wil, you’re far too fuckin paranoid. That doesn’t happen like, ever. Just keep all your interest fields blank and people’ll leave you alone.

Now how did I know Sorc would say something like that? He must be getting predictable.

Anyway, I’m not worried about myself, just giving my opinion on the subject. And things like that DO happen.

Yea, but they dont happen very often. And I’m serious, as long as you leave your interests or whatever empty, people leave you alone - because thats what people look for.

When I signed on ICQ, I left nearly all slots empty- except the fact I’m from Puerto Rico. I guess some people just have fetishes for latinos.

Anyway, you do have a point that most sickos probably look for people with specific characteristics, so leaving the slots blank should help one avoid most of them… still, that is up to each individual user.

I’ve never, ever had an issue with stuff like that. I used to put in that I was from Afghanistan, because I didn’t want to sort through and find the usa. then after september 11th, I got a bunch of hatemail and shit, so I changed it.

Yeah. People’s sigs are so long on average, might as well throw a couple extra fields on the left. ICQ numbers et al. are as good a choice as any.

No need for “favorite website” though; because of course EVERYONE is going to put in Right?

glares ominously


:get it?:

We already have a favorite website line, it’s just not in the profile it’s down near the profile button. And no I don’t think we should add ICQ/AIM numbers, you can already see them by looking at someone’s profile and the side bar is big enough.

Originally posted by Wilfredo Martinez
However: Is it really a good idea to make public our IM numbers, people? I don’t know about you, but I have to use the “invisible” option in my ICQ service to keep strangers from asking me if I wanted to talk about sex. :fungah:
Not that I expect anything like that to happen here, but it’s better to be careful with your personal data over the Net, I think.

Why are you so freakin paranoid? Seriously, do you think all of those “strangers” are going to harass you or something? Most of them are just bots, advertising their sites. All you have to do is block them, or close the window… I mean you’re 37, for fucks sake, why are you worried about the stuff that happens to 12 year old girls?
Not that I think it’s important to have your ICQ number listed, I don’t really care, but you shouldn’t be worrying about that sort of stuff.