Sin City- April 1st

I just want to plug the fact that Sin City is opening a week from Friday. If you have not already been amazed at what this film could possibly be, then behold!!

the teaser trailer is particularly badass.

Hey Merl, as you know I’m an old comics fan, but I’ve never “gotten” Sin City. Far as I’m aware it’s just a gritty crime story noteworthy only for the Frank Miller art, which I see they’re trying to imitate in the movie’s presentation. What am I missing here?

This movie looks pretty sweet on its own. It does seem to have a comic book feel to it. Here I thought comic book movies were going to die soon…

Fuck. YEAH. This movie has been on my to-see list since I first saw the posters two months ago.

Nice. Looks like this move’s practically gonna <i>piss</i> style.

The guy that directed this movie got kicked out of the director’s guild because he worked with Frank Miller.

this is necroed, but it’s as good a time as any to point out the flick opens Friday!! Go see it!!!

Well, yes, much of it is just ultra-gritty '50s film noir inspired crime stories featuring prostitutes and criminals. But, there’s a bit more to it. I find certain underlying themes to be very evocative. They’re basically just 3 ultra-violent love stories (the stories for the movie at least), really, when you think about them. And the protagonists of each story is trying to reclaim something. Marv is a mess, but he tries to fix some bad shit because Goldie inadvertently gave his life meaning and definition. Hartigan, who’s life is basically over after what happens during his last night on the job, goes to protect Nancy because it’s the only thing left for him besides dying, really, but if he can do that right, then at least he has something. And Dwight owes it to the ladies of Old Town to help them out, they had saved his life in another story and he sort of caused the mess they find themselves in during his tale. For me, the stories are really about guilty people finding a chance to do something worth a damn, in a world that long ago realized it’s really impossible to be completely “good”. Because we are all guilty, and the world is fallen, but that doesn’t mean we have no options besides groveling in a confessional or perpetuating undeserved violence on other people. We too can find something worth a damn.

Plus as a movie it’s going to be INCREDIBLY stylized and a visual feast. I love Rodriguez’s direction too, so that’s another big factor.

No, he resigned rather than get the guild pissed at him. They only allow one director to be credited for a movie.

I can’t wait to see this movie, just the sheer unusualness of it gives me chills. I’ve heard of the comic before, and for some reason I always thought it was a Japanese anime… but I’m not much of a american graphic novel reader myself(Yeah I’m a Japanophile, reave me arone!) Plus I’m going to see it with my best friend an his older brother, which will make it much, much more fun.

Although the last movie going experience with them is something I want to push out of my brain, with a bullet… anyone seen ‘Alone in the Dark’? u.u;

Oh god, I’m so sorry :/.

yeah this will be like 3 million times better.

sometimes doing the right thing means killing a whole lot of people

That doesn’t involve getting the right groceries, fucker. Jesus fucking christ, you know how much blood stains? You owe me a new suit.

Gonna go see it for sure. Looks really awesome, and apparently, Quentin Tarantino directed a few sequences :open_mouth:

I think I’ll check it out. At the very least, it’s visually impressive. :smiley:

Tarantino directed one scene, probably the most “Tarantino” of any scene in the movie. If you want to know which scene it is, it’s the conversation between Jackie Boy and Dwight in a car.

and just so people are prepared, it’s very, very violent. Not on a par with Kill Bill volume 1, but it’s very close. Be ready for limbs and blood to go everywhere in certain scenes (although I imagine a lot is off-camera).

My girlfriend and I are going to see it when she comes up… it’s going to be the most awesome thing we’ve seen together since Shaun of the Dead.

it’s going to be the most awesome thing EVER

I got this poster for 6 bucks!

I didn’t even think Kill Bill was all that gorey.

Kill Bill’s gore was downplayed by the absuridity of it all, it really didn’t have much impact on me.