Simple Question for a Simple Confusion:

How does one cite a poem in a collected work in MLA format? That’s the one kind of citation that I can’t find ANYWHERE. If you know, please answer. Thank you very much!

I believe a poem is cited the same way you would cite an essay or another published work.

If it is a poem in an Anthology:

[AuthorLastName], [AuthorFirstName] [AuthorMiddleName], [Author’sTitle]r. “[ThePoem’sName].” [YearAnthologyPublished]. [AnthologyTitle]. Ed. [EditorFirstName]

 [EditorMiddleName] [EditorLastName], [EditorTitle]. [EditionNumber] ed. Vol. [IfMultipleVolumesThenPlaceHereTheAnthology'sVolumNumber]. [PublicationCity]: [Publisher], [YearOf<i>ORIGINAL</i>Publication]. [PageNumbers].

THank you very much. :smiley:

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