SimCity 4: Rush Hour

Has anyone else gotten this expansion? I got it yesterday off Amazon, and it’s actually a very nice improvement to the game. It fixes really all the old transportation errors and adds tons of new options. There’s also new gifts and such that you can get, plus the missions are a nice distraction (that can sometimes also give you cash or reward buildings). If anyone else (other than zepp and I) has SimCity 4 out there, I recommend getting Rush Hour.

I might, but it’s last in the queue. There was too much micromanagement in the game, so I got annoyed and bored quickly. Very quickly.

That bug probably explains why no one rode my subway.

Got it three days before it “officially” cameout. Godbless Gamestop insider friends…anyway, definitely a much needed expansion. Just make sure to tax the fuck out of your high wealth sims, cause the game overly favors them and can cause massive unemployment if you don’t tax them out. Other than that, much better than the original SC4.

Yeah, I like to tax them just enough so a fair bit stay in town and generate me massive amounts of cash. They still take up some jobs and don’t cause too much unemployment that way, so it works out pretty well in the end generally.

i got the deluxe edition of SC4 a few weeks ago, which includes rush hour as well as the original game. i built a few cities pretty quickly, as i kept making new ones after learning more, but i stopped playing it after a week or so, because it gets pretty frustrating, and i dont really see much of a point to it.

Yeah, I agree. I just got it a few days ago, and it balances out a lot of things from the original game. The new gifts are nice additions, too.

SimCity 4 expansion… cool…
I like The Sims better~ I have all the expansions for it~ Even Making Magic!!