Silly Silhouette

Anime isn’t cheap. Some people can’t go around buying everything they like. Plus, for a real long while in some places, you couldn’t get a hold of an anime DVD even if you sold your soul. (I live in a desolated area):cool:.

One more thing, Dragonball doesn’t suck, especially when Gohan goes Super Sayan, (he becomes really cute) during the cell saga. :victoly:

And making a topic about this is good because…? He has his own opinions…I see no harm in that.

And eeek it’s a fangirl! DBZ does not suck cuz Gohan is cute! Reasonable arguement there:fungah:

EDIT:Ah I get your problem, you clicked New Thread instead of reply

i need money ;_;

Don’t we all, Shin.

when you cant appeal to even ME on the basis of bishounen, there is something seriously wrong with your logic.

(no one with as many muscles as any dbz character is cute)

Hee I pressed thread instead of reply. Silhouette, I’m sorry it’s just that I live in a place that doesn’t have an anime store anywhere, and I can’t order online.
I defended DBZ because it was my first anime, so please don’t insult it too much. Boring though it’s getting.