Silly RO questions

Yes, cause all you’re being is a little smartass. Go whine to someone who cares.

Sigh…why do I even bother.

OK, the Free Kafra thing? I don’t even know what that MEANS, but when Kagon says it like that, maybe it could be taken as an attack on private servers. Honestly, I’m not gonna split hiars like that, so none of you do it either.

And Xelo, if you’re surprised that Kag’s acting hostile towards you you really haven’t been paying attention the past, oh, couple months. That, or you’re a verbal masochist.

I think what Kag meant was that as far as he knows, only iRO official servers for sure have free Kafras. Private servers MIGHT have them, but iRO does for sure. For now.

I kinda figured that’s what he meant, but given his…well, past, it’s no surprise someone took it as an unwanted flame. Not saying Xelo was right in doing so (it’s Xelo, come on), but…

Oh, if I wanted to flame, I’d have been a helluva lot more blunt.

Well do it somewhere else. I don’t appreciate it.

Do take not that I wasn’t flaming anyways, kthxbye.

Do…huh? Are you threatening me?

Well I meant note. And threatening? Um… if you really want it to be threatening, I guess you can imagine I said it threateningly or something.

Sorry, I didn’t understand you cuz of the typo.

Still, I’d appreciate it if you tried to keep your tension and aggressiveness out of other people’s threads; I don’t care if Xelo was in the wrong or whatever, to quote a great OP, “Take it to PMs”.

S’all good.

Man. I said that tonight. I must be the great op. Hoorah!

You’re part of the problem, 984, not the solution.

Technically, if I weren’t a part of the solution, I’d be a precipitate.

Or simply a non-soluable substance.

Or maybe an element not yet on the periodic table that can only be found 3.141 Lightyears from Earth.