Silly RO questions

  1. What’s special about the Santa Porings as opposed to regular porings? Are they tougher/better drops or what?

  2. How do I appraise items?

(And I don’t want to hear any shit about how I should be ashamed for using a private server. I’m sick of that shit. You know who you are.)

They drop Santa Hats and other Christmas stuff.
Buy a Magnifier.

No one was bringing it up. I’m not the one that won’t let it go.

Santa porings are slightly tougher but shouldn’t pose a problem for even a novice at full health.

You can buy magnifiers for 40z each at several locations. Two of them are:

  1. Northeast building of Izulde
  2. Walk a few places northwest in Payon
  1. Or you can get a good merchant to appraise it. Just watch out when they steal the good item from you.

Actually, all the tool shops sell Mags.

Yeah, but aren’t they 50z a piece?

Nope, 40 undiscounted.

Joking, Joking =P

Welcome aboard =P

I wanted to make sure people like you didn’t start another jihad in this thread.

Anyway, thanks, for the magnifier tip. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest thing to find the tool shop in each town, so I’ll have to stock up to save a little time.

Nah, I’m saving up for my next jihad. They’re costly to prepare for, ya know?

Pron- building northwest of the square.
Payon- west of the Kafra
Albera- erm, no one goes there anyways, and it’s hard to describe where it is.
Morroc- southwest corner… I think
Izlude- northeastern building
Geffen- I don’t know my way around there anyways, bleh

Not like it matter what town you’re in, just free Kafra to another town :stuck_out_tongue:
I tool shop in Payon cause it’s right by the Kafra and spawn points.

Can’t really Free Kafra if you aren’t on Gravity’s servers.

Actually, I heard they all have Free Kafra stuff…

Originally posted by Kagon
No one was bringing it up. I’m not the one that won’t let it go.

Originally posted by Kagon
Can’t really Free Kafra if you aren’t on Gravity’s servers.

Wow, you disproved yourself in just 10 posts!

And the one in Geffen is in the southwest Corner. I remember cause that was the only place to get blue gems.

Actually, I was just pointing something out that was missed, way to go asshole.

Play nice girls.

Oh, I am.

I would say ‘I am’ as well, but I’m not a girl. I would say Kagon is playing less nice. I just pointed out how he contradicted himself. Then he goes and calls me an asshole for that.

Wow, you’re a fucking retard.
He says that only official servers have free Kafras and that’s somehow an attack on private servers?