Silly Question...

This may be dumb, but why do so many people here have links to RPGC in their sigs? To see those sigs you’d have to be on RPGC already.

Did I miss something?

People are crazy retarded

A new hip thing. Just like Jamming.

Your sig is the best, it has pie in it. Mmm… pie.

Because people like bandwagons.

Bandwagons are people too!

Exactly right plus will of the people to turn on RPGC and join the evil ways are lowered, not to mention it saves a bundle on new uniforms for those who wish to return to the RPGC way after leaving. :hahaha;

Heh… he thinks he’s people.

Because people are unoriginal bastards.

I know, I know!
It is because they link pages outside the Agora!

WHEN they link pages outside the Agora it’s to which you need to go through to get to the Agora. (Or at least to find it the first time.)

This bandwagon was over about a month ago. =p

No you don’t; I don’t.

“An individual can be intelligent, but people are stupid.”

I vow to find who said this someday.

science advisor voice I disagree, your excellency!

Whenever a bandwagon dies, a new one is born!

Whenever a bandwagon dies, a new one is born!


From the ashes of the old. Like an over-used phoenix. I blame TD. Of course, I blame everything on TD.

I blame the people that decided to copy what CH and TD did without putting any thought into it.

coughs at 984