SilkRoad Online.


My friend from another MMORPG told me about this game like a few weeks ago. I clicked, looked at the screens, and it looked pretty neat. Kind of like WoW. From the MMORPG I used to frequent (before SilkRoad), I’ve found out that SilkRoad and it is quite different.

Y’see, when you die in Tibia (old MMORPG) you lose 10% of your total EXP, an you have a 5% chance of losing 1 item from your equipment. In SilkRoad, however, you lose 100exp for each level above level 5 you have. And you lose no items when you die. If you die in PVP, you lose nothing. No EXP or items.

About PVP, in order to PK you need to be level 20 at least; and you must be wearing a certain color cape. You can only hit people, and be hit yourself when you’re wearing a cape. It sucks though, 'cause I like the cape look; but I do not wish to die.

SilkRoad is a free MMORPG in a 3D expansive world, taking place in the actual world. It has sceneries like China, Europe, and India as actual continents which you can explore. There’s about 500 different enemies, each of which have a “champion” version. A champion version deals 2x damage, and hits you from afar; but pretty much same as normal one. Just a different color.

I haven’t really gotten the controls down all the way; so there are features which I am sure I don’t know about. But uh… yeah. Check it out.

It’s a pretty game but the gameplay is fucking horrible. In short, dont play it unless you think Tibia is the old hotness.

Truth. Also, didn’t it go P2P? Or is in the very short future?

Dunno, I played it for about a day and deleted it, never to return. Plus the installer is like 1GB.

The installer is only 512mb! : (

Uhm… P2P?? Erhm, pay to play? I don’t know what P2P means, thinking pay to play. But it said on the official website that it’s “FREE TO PLAY FOREVER”. Literally, on the front page is a big blinking image saying that.