Silent Hill

I have recently been reading about it. Explain to me, its brilliance.

sits down and waits

I haven’t played any of them. I don’t really feel like playing the first two on the playstation, so I am curious if the two on the PS2 tie into the first two at all. Explain plz.

3 is a sequel to 1, and 2 is loosely tied in to that storyline.

Unlike Resident Evil where the plot is usually explained to you at some point near the end, to truly appreciate Silent Hill you have to read all the secondary material and items that are littered throughout the game.

Check the Plot Analysis by ORCA782/CVXFREAK on this page.

Haha that’s the one I just read. Reading the one by President Evil is also useful, especially after reading that page, since it answers questions you have upon reading the first. At least, I thought so.

It’s never the monsters that make you feel like you could wet your pants at any moment…

… It’s the source of the noise which you can never see…

Until it’s too late, that is…

There is only one the PSX, the other 3 are on the PS2.

Yeah, a lot of the plot is in the secondary material and it is reallly needed to solve the puzzles.

Supposedly, it isn’t as good in the suspense department as Resident Evil.

Its really really really scary, and you will get nightmares about midgets with hooks for hands attacking you in a school.

Suspence and scariness aren’t exactly the same thing, and anyway Sirlin doesn’t look at gaming like most of us do.

I think when writing that, the author accidently mixed up saying “Silent Hill” and said “Resident Evil” instead.

Silent Hill, the original, may be lackining some departments, however it makes up for it in amazing story design. Silent Hill also is unlike Resident Evil in the fact it does not spoon feed you the story. Sure you can play through without doing anythign extra, without spending time exploring everything, but you won’t get anything out of it. I would also like to point out that review stops after the first 10 minutes, so it makes me wonder if this Sirlin even played through both games. Silent Hill builds as the game goes on, and I admit it can start off slowly, but Resident Evil rarely gets beyond monster jumping out of window. The only differents is it’s a different monster, or gasp, two.


I think when writing that, the author accidently mixed up saying “Silent Hill” and said “Resident Evil” instead.
I agree. Resident Evil was the game that was pretty much nothing but zombie smashes through window. It had no suspense whatsoever. The only thing agonizing about it was the reptitive failed attempts to be shocking with sub-par surprises and weak imagery.

Silent Hill, on the other hand, had atmosphere and all that shit, and it was really really good. And yeah, it’s what you CAN’T see that’s scary.

Resident evil DID spoonfeed you everything. Everything, all the time, was right in front of your face, which destroyed any suspense potential. You were never left wondering what was going to happen. You always knew that if something was going to happen it would’ve already happened.

Silent Hill games are awesome…definitely a must to play if you’re a survival horror fan. :slight_smile:
There are recurring themes and motifs throughout the entire series, a definite earmark that some actual thought was put into all the little details. The neatest thing I think, are the recurring motifs that cross over into the other games like the creepy stuffed bunny in SH 3&4, the mannequin figures in random places that look like they’ll jump at you the second you turn your back on them, and that single ominous noise in the empty bathrooms that are present in ALL the games.
The music and sound is great…if you have the cash to get any of the Silent Hill OSTs, by all means, it’s worth the price. The graphics have a realistic, noir look to it…EVERYTHING looks realistic, right down to the crudded over toilets and blood-streaked floors. It’s a janitor’s worst nightmare.
As for suspense, I think a good example of that is in SH2 when James is walking down the foggy dirt pathway beside Toluca Lake at the beginning, and it sounds like something’s following you. o.o;

I want to play but I’m like, totally scared man. Someone post some screen caps of disgusting monsters. That’s all I’m interested in! :wink:

Me and Eden are Silent Hill fanboys. The game is really cool, especially in the atmosphere department. The games story is kinda like the Matrix, you’ll need to play it a few times to understand, and once you do, you’ll realise the games brilliance. Especially Silent Hill 2.

Yeah, but you have to run along for awhile for it to happen.
Not to mention the random events that happen. Such as door handles rattling, and other things. Chances are, you’ll never see some of them.

I always felt more in control in Resident Evil, I think you feel a whole lot more helpless in Silent Hill adding to the fear since you don’t really know whats going on.

Silent Hill’s fuckin awsome. Creepy as hell though.

EDIT:Wha-What the fuck?! I just read the RE2 vs. SH on that one site! I will say it again, what the fuck? SH has shitloads more suspense than RE. I like both games but how can a game, where the scariest parts are when a zombie or something jumps through a window, that you will eventually come to expect, be more suspensful than a game where you can go to a hell on earth at any givin moment?!