Silent Hill movie site opens

<A HREF=“”></A>.

Also, a short little 10 second quicktime video accompanies the site. Pretty god damn awesome. Also, Wikipedia has listed a <A HREF=“”>teaser-poster</A> for the movie, though I don’t know if it’s an official one.

I love how poorly photoshopped the poster is. That’s a real vote of confidence for this movie. I mean, shit, it’s not like survival-horror based movies have ever been ruined before. The Alone in the Dark movie was awesome. Shoot myself in the face to end the pain awesome!

I’m fairly certain that poster was fan-made. The official website shows that they’re taking fan submissions for movie posters. I assume that was one of those fan submissions.

Whatever fan made that did a very poor job, then.

Anyway, I’m still quite apprehensive, although this looks pretty good. I just don’t want to let hope into my heart again. Not after I got hurt the last time.
. . .
Dude. That’s it. I have to form am emo band centered around videogame movies.


Man, I wished I’d have known about the poster contest, else I would’ve entered something in. :confused:

Personally, I enjoyed the Resident Evil movies, and am greatly looking forward to the Silent Hill movie. Also, <A HREF=“”>Tri-Star Pictures has released a full length movie trailer</A>. It’s awesome-tastic.

Also, keep in mind that Silent Hill is being directed by the same guy who did Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Brotherhood was solid.

Though, after looking at the trailer from the first link, I have to say it reminds me of the First game. I swear the car crashes in the same way, and the missing daughter…

Seems to be a complete remake of the first game, replacing the male lead with a female one.

Of course, its only a trailer, so who knows.

I read somewhere it was a ‘retelling’ of the original game, so I wasnt too surprised to see the similarities to the first game you speak of. But, as I see more and more, it seems like its a retelling of… a combination… of all of the SHs? I say this since Pyramid head was in the theatrical trailer, and he was mostly an aspect of 2.

Everybody knows the only good video game movie was Super Mario Bros.

Bob “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Hoskins as Mario? John “Dammit, I’m Latino, not Italian!” Leguizamo as a mustache-less Luigi? I mean, Dennis freakin’ Hopper was a <i>human</i> King Koopa. What more can you ask for?

Mortal Kombat was good! :booster:

It has Pyramid Head. I am content.

Recently, John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper reunited for a stunning performance in George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead. Since then, I refuse to call him anything but John Leguizombie.

Don’t forget that Princess Toadstool was a prostitute.

You’re either joking, a liar, or the worst human being ever born. That was the worst bastardization of a game ever, with awful acting, an awful script, and poor fight coreography.
Also, Reptile>Liu Kang, no matter what those sons of bitches at midway try and tell you. Don’t listen. Those guys are fucking commies.

I agree. Anything Zomb Leguizombie did before that movie sucks by comparison, and never happened (except Super Mario brothers, which happened, but it wasn’t actually him as Luigi, it was a cleverly disguised Vanilla Ice). Nothing anyone who’s been in a Romero movie was in, besides the Romero Movie, is worth two shits, in comparison.

Brotherhood was an excellent film. I’m looking forward to this based on that alone.

John Leguizamo was also the clown in “Spawn”. He also played a shirtless meth addict named Spider Mike in the movie “Spun”. This is why he is one of the best actors ever.

And Mortal Kombat was pretty much your standard “martial arts tournement of death” style movie. I don’t see how it was THAT much different from the game.

This actually looks really good, and even though I probably won’t sleep for after a month after watching it, I still want to see it OH SO BADLY!


I saw the Silent Hill trailer at Underworld 2 today. It looks pretty good. I’m psyched :smiley:

Ehhhh . . . I’m not sure about this yet. Going purely on the trailer, it looks, if this makes any sense, too fixed in the real world. Too many ‘real world’ people. SH is a lot about isolation and being cut off, hell, SH1 got by with a focus on just one or two equally isolated characters, so I hope that’s emphasised more in the film than it is in the trailer.

It does rather look like a retelling of SH1 with a female lead and the briefest ever glimpse of Pyramid Head. I’m not sure I like that idea too much, really. But at least the soundtrack should be good :smiley:

Daisy was in the movie, not Toadstool/Peach. Why do you think she ended up with Luigi? Also, Yoshi as a baby T-Rex and Goombas as those… things was also pretty classic.

Anyway, I was also going to mention the second Mortal Kombat movie, because it was so outrageous that it was hilarious… The first one wasn’t that good, but it wasn’t really bad either, so it wasn’t bad enough to be good like the second one, you see?