Silent Hill movie flyer

Certain movie theaters (Cinemarks, at least) have begun receiving flyers from Tristar pictures as an advertisement for Silent Hill. The flyers are laid out to look like a newspaper, containing backstory on the areas surrounding the haunted town.

I just thought I’d scan it in, and save you guys the trouble of finding one.

These images are f’ing huge (2000 x 2600 pixels), so I zipped them up for you.

<A HREF=“”>Clicka clicka</A>

Cool, thanks for the d/l, man. :smiley: I doubt we’ll get to see any of the flyers here. :confused:

That’s pretty cool. More movies need promotional stuff like this, it’s fun.

Whoahly shit. 6.1 megabytes?

Better be worth it. :wink:

Well what do you know, they’re making a Silent-Hill movie, hope its better then the R-E movies.

Is 6 megs really that much? Have I lived with high-speed for so long that I don’t recognize what was once a large file?

And, for the record, I liked the Resident Evil movies… I thought the first one was good, despite not following the story of the games, and I thought the second one was fun, despite being ridiculous. For the first time in my life, I’ve started seeing movies as being “fun” instead of just good or bad. Doom also was fun, though it wasn’t particularly good.

Cool, though I almost definately won’t see the movie. -_-

Looks like fun. I haven’t exactly been keeping up on the news for this movie, but I’m excited/anxious to see it.

I’d really love it if they could keep up the sense of doubt and surrealism that the first game had. I’ll spoiler this, I guess, but throughout the middle portion of SH1 they keep you in doubt as to whether the Harry Mason’s experience is 1) a fever dream as he lies comatose after the opening car crash, 2) the effects of a hallucinagenic drug, or 3) a supernatural force awakened by an underground cult that operated in the town, out of the “second church.”

However, the cynical side of me fears this will just be a heavy-handed Spring-Loaded-Cat <sup>™</sup> film, without the subdued, dizzy, sickening sense of apprehension the games conveyed so well. Or the cloudy, dreamlike atmosphere. Or the hours of fun checking locked doors and hitting strange, shambling creatures with a piece of lead pipe. Or an axe, or a kitchen knife, or a hammer, or a kitchen knife the size of Wilt Chamberlain.

Yeah, I play SH games like a hardass. So sue me.

Come to think of it, the bestiary could make or break this movie for me too. If it’s the standard cliché zombies, I’ll be sorely disappointed. The skinless dogs from the first game and especially the plastic-wrapped straight-jacket types from SH2 are pretty cool.

And there will have to be boss battles. I particularly liked SH1’s bosses, which I think embodied one of the core principles of horror; take the ordinary and transmute it into a more horrible, threatening form, as with the giant moth boss, and the basement generator turned “lizard”. The latter, at least, is a very interesting battle, especially as it’s the first real hint at theories 1 and 2 I mentioned above. The aforementioned hugeass knife is also an illustration of that principle, come to think of it.

There’s also the issue of what the soundtrack will be like. Half the point of Silent Hill was that it was just that: silent. There’s apparently music in SH1 but in the default settings it’s muted, which I found cool. Haven’t checked with my copies of SH2 or SH3. I also anticipate an inappropriate level of dialogue, of course.

A lot of things are going to have to go right for this to come out truly great, I realize. Just going to keep my radio turned up and hope for the best, I guess.

For pictures, I belive so.

Kraken: It features the patient-demons (the straight-jacket looking monsters that you mentioned) and Pyramid Head (SH2), if nothing else.

The music in the movie is all taken from various Silent Hill soundtracks, primarily the first game. Speaking of, I don’t remember it being silent… I guess I turned on the music. The SH series has <I>phenominal</I> soundtracks.

From what I’ve seen from the trailer, those purple dinosaur things from SH3, nurses from SH1-4, and Pyramid Head will be in it.

So far, so good.

This would be the first video game based movie that won’t make me cringe in disgust. Looking foward to the final result in early April :slight_smile:

According to an interview in EGM this month (which I won’t post in its entirety because I’m lazy), the director of the Silent Hill games is taking a fairly active role in the creation of the movie, and the director of the movie (Christopher Gans of Brotherhood of the Wolf fame) is a fan of the game series.