Signed Terry Pratchett hardbacks, anyone? Offer you can't refuse.

Terry Pratchett is coming to Hull to sign copies of his new hardback, Going Postal, on the 6th of October, and I was wondering, does anyone want me to reserve them a signed copy of it? Since I go to the University here and all.

I’m totally serious here guys. The Waterstones bookstore here DOES accept orders for signed copies in advance, so I could order a bunch of them and mail them to you when I pick them up. I’d trust you to pay me back whenever you can. I WILL ship to anywhere, since, y’know, I’m that damned nice.

However, I’d only do this for the forum regulars. I don’t know the new guys well enough to spend $18 on ya’s. Sorry guys.

Who’s Terry Pratchett, I’ve never heard of him before except once in awhile on this site, are his books good?

That depends on who you talk to. I personally think he’s fantastic, even if his lates novels aren’t up to the exact standard of the old ones.

I would love it if you would do it for me ;_; except you’d have to ship it to my house when I’m not home and shit.

Okay. Seriously, DO you want me to put you down for a copy? Because I’d be perfectly willing to do so.

Fuck yes. It’ll be a bit before I can get back online after tommorow morning, so yeah.

PM me your full address then and I’ll put you first on the list. I’ll be going down tomorrow to see how many I can pre-order signed (I hope to God more than one), plus I’ll be getting one signed personally (MINE! MWAHAHAHAAAH!) so it’ll be first-post first-served if there’s a limit on how many I can get. I probably won’t be getting more than 10 though, assuming so many people want one.

Sure, I’ll pay you back in a few weeks when I get some more money.

Did you guys tell Cid? Hes a fanatic for Terry Pratchett. someone get him in here.

Pierson: Can I pay you via paypal or would you rather me send a check or money order? I’m very interested. If you could send me a vial of your blood as well, that would be superb.

Looks like I’m only going to be able to get a maximum of two extra signed copies, so it’s gonna be Cid if he wants one and either deadtear or Urk. dt, Urk, you must do battle for this honour.

Ah well. turns into an enchilada and flies away :`(

Get a friend of yours to get some extras as well.

I’ll certainly try.

On October 8th or 9th I’ll get back to you all with how many copies I have spare. There will NOT be more than 4 or 5 though, since even though I could probably convince them to pre-order, I couldn’t make them stand in line for one.