Signature Bandwidth

If I got banned, would my signature dissapear?

That’d be great

No. Yes. Perhaps. Of course. Negative. Maybe. Someday. Once in a while. If you think so. What ever you say. Affirmative! Not a chance in hell. Does the A-Team start with an A? What do you think?

It happened when I went to this other board. I was pissed off at first but realized it was pretty cool since some idiots weren’t leechng my bandwidth

yes, because villagephotos is hosted solely on your computer.

Edit: and 600 megs a month is pretty good.
That image is 55.07 or so kb. Say you get about 300 views of it a day (unique, i guess)
That’s 495,000 kb, roughly 483.4 megabytes a month.
it wouldn’t be a problem.

WEll, if I get banned, I would hope my sig dissapears

Unless your sig was the cause of the ban, probably not since we’d never have to see your sig since you wouldn’t be posting. Man just the thought of it gets me so excited.

Somebody unplugged Larry the CAble Guy

that right there is a damn shame

I find it funny that he’s worried about being banned.
Am I a bad person?


Sig test! :cool: