Sign up to be Pilots in my story.

Now all we need is perhaps a moderator or two to spice things up. But Krispin’s a little right, maybe there are too many Allied characters.

It should be ok. I expected a good number of people that signed up were going to fight for RPGC/Allies.

OK that’s good. There’ll probably be another person or two to join the Luftwaffe. As far as moderators go, Star or Weiila could be the dastardly Axis, but that’s up to them.

You don’t know Star and Weilla too well do you? Those two are more the good guy types. Well that is usually.

If any staff were going to be Axis, I say it would be Charlemagne, and possibly Sinistral.

Make charl hitler :slight_smile:

Yeah, charl wanted to be hitler. Why not let him? Though he might not want to be if he knew hitler’s real name and old job.

i second that

Name: Shorty “Slips” Johnston
Age: 19

Job/Alliance: Tactician/Bombadier, British

BIO: Early grad of Oxford University, majored in photography. Son of an WWI Intel officer, Brother is In charge of Undercover unit inside Germandy. On the fast track for advancement. Has a lot riding upon him.

Intell officer for British defense force stationed in RPGC. Is responcible for planning of missions and reviewing of intel photos for ops and recon. Assigned to bomber-wing based on carrier HMS ( insert carrier name). Also a reserve bombadier for carrier ( insert name) 's bomb group. Got Nickname from flying though an AA strafe and coming through unscaped in a recon plane. Hopes to be transfered to Admrial (insert name)'s command staff to further career.

Wasn’t he an artist? Can’t rightly remember. And as for his name, wasn’t it something like Shickelgruber or something to that effect (I’ve only heard it, not seen it spelled, so it may be spelled very wrong).

Snickering Yep, that’s right. I can see it now. " HAIL SHICKERGUBER!" Don’t actually know how it’s spelt.

Hitler actually wanted to be an artist. This is true. However, the Vienna institutes thought his works sucked, so he became unbelievably bitter about it. He was also a soldier in WWI around that time too, and ironically he received the Iron Cross. Strange how life turns out huh? If he became an artist, then could that particular World War be averted?

It’s always been a dream of mine.

I’d be happy just being the baddest ass nazi in the german forces.

Now you got me thinking about Wolfenstein… Where the heck did they get the idea of turning Hitler into a mechwarrior-style boss anyway? ^^;

Because Id Software had crazy ideas. They are the creators of the almighty Doom.

Name: Joseph Kerr
Job/Alliance: Fighter pilot/German
Bio: The son of a German officer and a Russian nurse, Joseph grew up during Hitler’s rise to power. His mother insisted he be named after Joseph Stalin so that he would represent the unity of the Soviet Union and Germany. His name has been a curse to him as much as it is a blessing and has led to many ‘disagreements’ with his fellow Germans - too Russian in its full form and too American in its shortened form.

Joseph was inspired by his father, to fight for the motherland. He joined the SS Youth and applied to the Luftwaffe after completing basic training. He flew patrol missions near the German-Allied border before volunteering for bomber escort missions.

Still considered ‘green’ by other pilots, but eager to prove himself, his tenacity and sheer lunacy at times has earned him the nickname of Joker(laughing in the face of danger).

If it is possible not to be a pilot, then this is my character. Since your story focuses on pilots, my character need not be a major character.

Name: Percival Farthings
Age: 24
Alliance: Great Britain
Job: Poet, Actor (both theatre and film) and Celebrity.

Percival is a sensitive and non-violent young man of upper-class background from Gloucestershire. He loved acting ever since he was a young boy and excelled in the acting programme into which he was put, sparking a successful acting career. He was on board an aeroplane flying from Australia to South Africa, but which was attacked and damaged (almost shot down) and was forced to land in Cocoe, where he has had to stay for the time at hand.

Percival has no fighting skills whatsoever, and will prove fairly inept if he tries. In fact, he would tend to get in the way of others. He also tends to attract the paparazzi no matter whither he goes, although he has managed to shake them off for the moment. However, Percival is physically fit (his career demands it) and he has excellent social skills, which would make him a fine diplomat. He has a calm and optimistic demeanour and a smart and sexy personality which wins him many friends. He dislikes war and bemoans the loss of life which it causes.

When not trying to help ordinary citizens in war (usually in the hospital), he writes poetry.

I know I’m far too late, but can I still sign up? Even if it’s only for a cameo or something? o_O

Name: Timothy “Lord” McKay
Alliance: RPGC
Age: 26
Occupation: Struggling author
Bio: Tim McKay is an RPGCanese bomber navigator. He’s always loved to write, and took it up as his occupation when he finally graduated from high school. None of his books are bestsellers, and he is very short on money. He is not a good fighter, but he joined the RPGC Air Force in 1940 and, because of his excellent sense of direction, became a navigator on a B-24 (think that’s the right number, don’t know much about the actual craft in WWII, please don’t hurt me). He’s been in the air force for several years now, and is quite good at it. He earned the nickname “Lord” because of his obsession with medieval Britain.

No problem. Yeah B-24 is right but there was also the B-25.

My great-grandpa built B-24s. I wanna be in one of them if it’s not anachronistic, please!

I think they were around in 1942 but I’m approaching that year so it’s fine.