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This is the basic story.

On an island somewhere between Madagascar and Australia, called Great Cocoe island (400mi SW of the Cocos islands), the people of RPGC (Royal Providence of Great Cocoe) lived, worked and played. They were industrialized, and had a decent amount of oil plus other resources, but they didn’t built their own original weapons. They built weapons on license from the United States and Great Britain and other allied powers. Then the day they all feared happened, Kriegsmarine ships landed in the north. They carried Troops, Panzers, Aircraft, building supplies, and other things. The RPGC high command quickly withdrew it’s civilians to the far South. Wasting no time the high command launched an attack on the Germans, but both ground forces suffered heavy. Both forces were now weakened and evenly matched. Many smaller battles erupted daily, one day RPGC would take some territory and the next day the Germans would take it back. That beginning attack proved that the war could not be won on the ground but in the air.

Ok this is my character

Name: Korey von Hoth
Job/Alliance: Luftwaffe Pilot/Germany
Bio: Son of a high ranking German Soldier of World War I, he rose quickly in the ranks of the Luftwaffe. He fought in France and shot down a total of 19 planes. He is currently in charge of a Luftwaffe Gruppe attacking Cocoe. His Rank is Hauptmann (Captain). Very agressive in battle but fights with at least some honor. To him though an enemy is still an enemy.

You can add more or less to yours, that is if anyone signs up. Depending on how many sign up I may have to change your character a little, but not too much.

Any problems with this?

And thanks to Videospirit for helping me with an alternate name for RPGC.

Hmm. I think I’ll join. And Nagumo I’d of thought you more of a japanese airforce person.

Name: Jeremy “Blitz” Buchanan
Alias: Spirit
Age: 18
Job/Alliance: Lunaris’ Angel’s Fighter Pilot/RPGC
Bio: Grew up in a household of engineers who spent their time building and improving on the designs of planes. Finally took one for a spin when he was 16 and has spent more time in the air then on the ground since. Flying his cutom built V-Arrow fighter he is able to approach the sound barrier while easily firing 3 machine guns simultaneously. It is able to fly 185 miles before refueling when going minimum speed. sometimes hot headed he is often in trouble with his superiors.

Yeah well I do like the Luftwaffe too. Is it ok that I change your aircraft? I mean a American P-40 (A early WWII fighter) had an 850 mile range. I’ll make some altercations to your aircraft and such. The time of this story will most likely be in May of 1941 maybe later but not past 1941.

For info on WWII aircraft go to

yeah I was jsut getting across the custom built aspect. change away.

Name: Michael, no surname
Age: 58
Job/Alliance: Head Medical Officer/RPGC
Bio: Grew up in Canada. A Veteran of WWI, the horrors of trench warfare made him grow to hate all forms of war, and his only goal is to save lives. 4 years in France hardened him into a proficient sniper, but he only uses his skills to protect his patients, injured pilots.

That good enough? Or does he HAVE to be a pilot? I want something kinda original here :stuck_out_tongue:

You should e-mail all the staffers and ask them if you can use them as governmental figures.


Name: Skye Freefall.
Code name: Wind
Job/alliance: Ace battle pilot/ RPGC
Age: 17
Bio: Grew up being traded from one family member and house to another until she
was finally tossed onto the street. After years of fighting on the street she accomplished the goal of an assistant mechanic at age 14 and pilot at age 16. She entered the battle to get revenge on Germany for killing her older brother and father who were in WWI. Loves to fly through the air whether it be in combat or just for fun as often as possible, just to stay off the ground. Being a mechanic for 2 years she has an extensive knowlege of aircrafts. Probably could have been fired long ago for her rushing into the heat of battle but has yet to be because of her skills. Used to tough situations and a change of plan because of being tossed from family to family. Has a cool head and knows her limitations, except when it comes to her family’s death in mind.

That good enough?

Name: Jose Angel Martinez
Age: late 20’s
Job/Alliance: Pilot/RPGC
Bio: Jose comes from Cabo Rojo, in Puerto Rico. He completed his education, a rarity in the Island at the time, which is why he was considered “smart” by his fellow Boricuas. He was also something of a Ladies’ Man. Drafted by the US, he was commisioned to the American forces sent to help RPGC island.

This character is actually based on my late father. He died when I was 11, and I’ve avoided thinking about him much… now I want to make up for that, and since he did see action in WWII, this seems apropiate. (Thought he was a base guard, not a pilot. But you can use him anyway you want.) Just use him the way you would use me- we had a lot in common, I’m told.

Let’s go for a spin then.

Name: Sean “Kid” Rooney (why “Kid”? because it’s easier than “Hey You”)
Age: Let’s go with 25
Job/Alliance: Fighter pilot/RPGC
Bio: While Sean passed the training courses all with flying colors and demonstrated masterful skill in combat exercises, somehow these abilities didn’t quite translate into the ace pilot his superiors were looking for in actual combat. He did manage to set a record of sorts by being shot down 5 times in as many missions (although in his favor he did manage to take out an enemy craft in one of those instances by causing his plane to collide with it after he had ejected) and fighter command sometimes wishes he would just stay down after one of those crashes. His horrible craft return record is offset slightly by his willingness to participate in any mission, no matter how suicidal. Much of his free time is spent waiting casually in a nearby bar while the mechanics find the most expendable yet operational plane available for him to fly.
Recently, some personel have taken to painting large bulls-eyes on the aircraft “Kid” is scheduled to fly next.

That’s great. If I need to, during bombing raids can I use you to man an AA gun?

Name: Kristian “Mabatsekker” Valmet
Age: 21
Job/Alliance: Paratrooper-Saboteur/Germany
Bio: Just before the Winter War, Mabatsekker was inlisted in the army. He rose quickly amongst the military ranks, and soon became a Sergeant. His troops were well-known not only for their guerrilla tactics, but for quick and vicious attacks against Russian stations aswell. Unfortunately, Finland was forced to ask for Aid from Germany as they needed supplies and they had the will to get their lost lands back. Mabatsekker was a token of exhange, as his skills as a strategist and a leader were considered valuable for the axis troops, but his loyalties are more for Finland than for the germans. He is currently leading a small paratrooper unit which specializes in saboteuring various types of military equipment. His mission: Wipe the RPGC Air Defenses off the map and secure any equipment vital to the enemy.

If anyone wants to sign up to be ground forces then that’s fine but I don’t know if your character will have a big role or not. Mabatsekker great character. Other pilots great. Keep em coming.

Name:John C. Glover
Bio:A calm,and gentle young man.He loves to repair things thats why he became a mecanic and he’s very good at it.He allways double checks every piece of equipment and likes to make new things out of scrap pieces.Hard to anger he also came from Puerto Rico as he was also drafted by the US and ordered to help.Very loyal and caring to all of his freinds.

Name: Dieter Silbernhertz
Age: 26
Job/Alliance: Fighter Pilot/RPGC (defector)

Once a talented ace in the Afrika Korps, this Oberleutnant was responsible for taking down many British fighters in his Messerschmitt BF-109, and an admirer of von Richtofen and Rommel. Dieter was a man whose loyalty rested completely on the Reich. However, when he learned of Hitler’s madness and true intentions, and from the discovered death of his father, a Reichstag opponent of the Nazis years back, he lost faith in the Reich and offered his skills to the Allies. Stationed on this island, Dieter must face his former comrades to prevent German dictatorship and the annihilation of the RPGC forces.

Dieter is quiet but when he speaks he is articulate. He has a family who he longs to see after the war, and he has only a few friends among the island forces. Sensitive and heartbroken over his country’s corruption, he has trouble figuring out what’s right or wrong in this war, and what is honorable in his mind. Though many do not trust him because of his past loyalties, he is determined to win the hearts of the Allies with his abilities as a fighter. Dieter is skilled in engineering and combat but has the tendency to be too emotional in battle.

wah. Didn’t rommel kill himself AFTER hitler started losing?

It’s your story. Go ahead ^^

Oh snap…my fault…I didn’t see what year this was. Yeah Rommel did…but it was like this. Hitler gave him two options: face a tribunal, lose his honor, and have his family/friends threatened to be killed, or to kill himself and save his family and his honor. Looking at that, it was more or less like Hitler was forcing him to kill himself, because if the public learned of Rommel in a tribunal, “plotting” to kill the fuhrer, then that’d be some really bad PR for Hitler. More or less, Hitler was insisting Rommel take choice #2. It’s not like Rommel could’ve chosen life, b/c either way, he would be a dead man in the end. I made some necessary changes to the bio…my bad guys.

Well, though I thought this interesting, I was rather uncertain about saying anything as, having all of twenty some posts, nobody here really knows me. But seeing two other people with about that many posts reply with characters of their own, I guess I’ll give it a try. Anyway, there aren’t that many who chose a German.

Name: Siegfried von Wittenberg
Age: 20
Job/Alliance: Beginner Pilot/Luftwaffe

Fiercely loyal to the German people, Siegfried is ever wrathful at the terms that the allied powers imposed upon his country at the end of the first war that nearly destroyed the economy of his once strong land. And yet he ever laments the practices of those who now lead his land, yearning for his father’s Germany as it lay under the rule of Bismark. An idealist, he speaks out vehemently against Hitler, but more especially Goring, leader of the Luftwaffe, and the practices of the Nazis which are betraying the noble ancient German traditions. His peers think this dangerous and perhaps deadly; it most certainly has condemned him to a career without any true rank. But he shrugs this off without care, wanting rather to follow than lead.
As he bears the name of the great Germanic hero, he has painted on the side of his Focke-Wulf 190 fighter a crimson portrayal of the dragon Fafnir, with the sword of Siegfried piercing it through the chest. And yet he is ever concious of the meaning of his name, ‘the victory of peace’, and knows well the truth of it. Though war is often a neccessity, the greatest victory comes from peace.
When not in battle he is very contemplative of his deeds and place in the world, and of the justice of war, yet is even so very much enamored of the old warrior codes and ideals of the old world. He holds heroism, honor, and virtue in high regard, feeling that a charge is laid upon him to keep alive the traditions of the old heroes, and would not count it a loss to die in honorable combat. Against all regulations he carries in his cockpit a sword, both in memory of the ancient warriors amidst this new world war, and in the chance that he is ever shot down behind enemy lines. As he flies into battle he cries: “Fur gelobet Deutchland und das Dritte Reich! Lass Gott mit uns sein. Heil, Deutchland!” (For beloved Germany and the Third Reich! Let God be with us. Hail, Germany!)
Though incredibly zealous and patriotic, he has yet to see true combat, and marks closely the actions of his peers and commanders in this affray in the South to better his skill.

Well, whatever. I don’t really care if you don’t want to use this at all. I just thought I’d try. For the name I just put together the name of the German hero Siegfried (which is also my father’s middle name), and as a last name put a archetypical “von” with Wittenberg, a place featuring prominently in the protestant reformation. (And I hope that my German was right; man has it been long since I’ve tried to write in it.) I don’t know all that much about WWII, either (I just looked in a WWII weapons book to get the name of a Luftwaffe fighter); my knowledge runs a little more in the mythology vein. Sorry if it sounded lame. (Which is why I made sure he is low rank and can be very minor)

Name: Alexander Caelum
Age: 21
Job/Alliance: Pilot/RPGC

Bio: Son to a former British fighter pilot, who fought in WW1, where he lost the use of his left leg. With a war brewing (1939), Alex’s father dragged them pair of them to RPGC, hoping it would be safe until the end of the war.
However, upon the arrival of the German troops, Alex enlisted with the other British troops, against his father’s wishes.

Pilot of a Hawker “Tempest V”. Alex has shown amazing natural talent as a fighter pilot. That and the fact that he never backs down when someone needs help, Alex has become quite respected amonst his peers.

Just to let you all know the story has started…go read it. Oh yeah you can still sign up it you want.