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Humans: The most survivable species simply because it’s not weak but far from super strong but is quite intelligent and has a very fast reproductive rate allowing them to spread like locusts across the land. Are naturally very distrusting of any race that is different but elves naga and half dragons are similar enough to not be scorned too badly. Are selfish and greedy. A very small portion of this species is considered saintly but the small pockets of good people raise generally polite and well behaved members of society.

Dragons: Dragons are the longest living species but the slowest to reproduce. They are also vary varied in intelligence. Some are wiser than any other creature while others are nothing more than wild beasts. They have a natural urge to pillage villages until they can recieve a tribute as a retirement settlement. When they are young they take on the properties of their surroundings. If they live in volcanoes they gain the ability to breath fire. If they live in deserts they gain the ability to burrow undersands and blind prey. If they live in frozen wastelands their breath takes on a freezing chill. If they live in the open plains they gain the ability to move with amazing speed. If they live in forests they gain the ability to create illusion and climb and jump. Are treated as gods by some groups of all species and hated by others making them very hard to classify.

Elves: These peace loving tree huggers are very in tune with nature and have a natural love of it. They are also very easily provoked by those who harm it making them hateful of most other species. Those who live outside the great forests are more accepting to non-elves. Have the second highest lifespan and a slow reproduction rate. Are the only species immune to the shadowlands taint. Anyone with part elvish blood becomes resistant to shadowlands.

Naga: Were once considered to be mythical beasts. tHey are Similar to intelligent insects in that they are constantly in symbiosis with their akare. If a Naga is seperated from the Akare he is considered an outsider and scorned by the others generally fleeing to the mountains or shadowlands. They have lizard men like torsos and upper bodies but where their legs would be they have only snakelike tails. They are still fairly unknown to most races. They have slow reproduction rates and fairly decent lifespans.

Ratlings: The second highest reproduction rate of all species. These creatures have only medium intelligences but are very loyal hourable and courageous and have learned many things from the turtle clan making their largest population near there.

Trolls: Trolls are found in Megladavia. They are a horribly mutated Human with increddible strength and horrible appearences. tHey have almost no ability to speak if any and are horribly greedy. tHey are dispised by all other species but claims are there of intelligent trolls deep withing their lands.

Mujina: Red yellow and black skinned creatures. They have beedy little eyes pointy tails and catlike ears. Their teeth are extremely sharp and they move with insane speeds and fly on tiny wings. They have been accused of being demons and although very dishonerable have recently been found to not carry the shadowlands taint like the people once believed. They are extremely curious and have short attention spans. They love to play tricks and move as if they have no respect for others but they treat the shadowlands like a dire enemy making one wonder if they have a leader. third highest reproduction rates and below average intelligence.

Goblins: The fasest reproducing species alive. They multiply like locusts on viagra. 2 goblins can populate a rich land in less than a year. They are extremely evil and have a very strong shadowlands taint. this causes them to stick to the shadowlands for the protection it offers but with their vast reproductive instincts they have no choice but to go to other lands. this also causes them to get into constant disputes with other races. Lucky for the other races goblins are extremely weak although fast and agile. one good blow can take them down and they hate wearing armor.

Oni: The Oni are the true demons of this world. They start out as changelings when born. Then they go into the world and take on a shape whether it exists or not by entering peoples dreams and melding with them driving the person insane. They are then trapped in this form for the rest of their lives. Although sometimes on very rare occasions an oni is born that does not have to stay in the form it chooses. It can take on the form of anything it sees and is one of the most feared creatures in the world. Have a fairly slow reproduction rate due to the rate at which they die.

Ogre: Ogre’s are HUGE. They are easily the size of ten men. They seek out massive suits of armor in return for not killing other creatures. THey are some of the most intelligent beings tainted with the shadowlands trait and often take on the roles of generals. They have a slow reproduction rate but are able to take castle walls apart with their hands needed merely a small crack.

Undead: The reincarnated bodies of non elves. These inspire fea in the hearts of warriors simply by moving. what would you do if you suddenly had to face your fallen comrads. Skelatons retain no memory of their past but zombies are the revived version of their previous selves completely overrun by madness and shadowlands taint(which is why zombie berserkers are the most resistant to the shadowlands taint) Do not reproduce in the normal meaning of the words. They are created when a body is killed by beings infested with the shadowlands taint or when necromancers(normal mage types who specify in this area) meddle with the dead. Zombies are as smart as they were before they died but with insanity factored in.

Shadows: There are several types of shadows. Some are spirits who could not pass on but were not killed by shadowlands. Some are beings of pure darkness repelled by light and out for death. And others are beings that live off off light using it as a food source. No one knows how these beings come to exist but they are all feared.

Name: Chris
Race: Half-Dragon, Half-Elf
Age: 329
Alignment: Good
Job: Spellweaver/Dragon Warrior
Clan or Country: Dragon
How you fight: Either casts spells at his enemy or turns into a dragon.
Relations to other characters and Countries: Will help any elf or dragon.
Personality: He’s a friendly, caring old man.
Fears: Nothing and noone.
Hobbies: Learning new spells, helping people.
Habits: Tends to be slighly rude to anyone not dragon or elf.
Biography: His father was and elven prince, his mother a gold dragon. He spent the first 40 years of his life with his father and then began to journey. Has recently put his efforts towards helping the dragons.

Damn it people. The dragon clan is not a clan of dragons. It’s their god basicly. The clans are are similar to the status of their dieties. THE DRAGON CLAN DOES NOT HAVE A HUGE ARMY OF DRAGONS. arghh. I already have 1 dragon clan dragon person. and your a half elf. there are no elves on that continent so how’d you get there?

Will start this soon. last chance to make chagnes to some of your characters because I’m using a bnuch of you in chapter one.

As promised, here’s my entry:

Name: Shojin (or Sennin.)
Race: human
Age: Adult- you decide how much
Alignment: Neutral Good
Honour: Doesn’t care about it, which makes him an oddity in these lands
Job: Sorcerer (or Shujenga) for hire
Clan or Country: Feel free to assign one (probably a Japan-like one.)
How you fight: Magic all the way. (Can use staff-like weapons, and rather well, tho.)
Relations to other characters and Countries: Again, you decide.
Personality: Wise. Always offering counsel, though some people resent him for this. Can be funny at times, tho.
Fears: Being mobbed to death; rising the ire of demons.
Hobbies: Collects magic items, even useless ones.
Habits: Talks WAY too much.
Biography: The son of a famous Sorcerer who retired to a small village. However, his father passed away when he was young. Has been wandering the world since- even seen the european lands. He has seen many nobles and religions abuse their power, which is why he doesn’t believe in “honor.” Is VERY powerful, but avoids confrontations if possible. Really cares for people, especially the poor.

Feel free to use me in ANY role, VS- even just a cameo if you wish.

Wil. Your the ONLY mage that signed up. your going to get a big role.

Congrats Wil.

More relations:

Wil: Is kinda OK since he doesn’t believe in honor, but since Crispy hates the entire world you can probably guess the relations :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, thanks VS.

And I think you should use the name “Sennin” since it means “Magical Hermit” (or something like that.) Seems to fit with the character best.

Can do but the story is being delayed for a while until I can get my computer runing 100% again.

Stories posted. title dyleshar: the taint. go read and stuff.

Alright. I changed the names of the dragon and Scorpion clans so as to lose all trace to the card game itself and to stop the Dargons from joining the dragon clan gaah. Dragon is now wyrm clan and scorpion is now weasel clan. I changed the shadowlands to the darklands as well.

Just incase anyones wondering the sign ups for this are still open. just try not to make characters from Relanguard or any other place the characters have visited. I could really use some more villians and a couple more heroes.

Does that mean that those of us who already have characters can have two?

No. i’ll just throw characters I make up in if not enough people sign up. but you can still make changes to your character unless they contradict something that’s already happened in the story.

Alrighty then.

bump. remember sign ups are still open. just hate having to search for this to get my info. I am still writing it. just took a long break.

Name:Korey Nagumo (Prefers to be called Korey)


Class:Samurai (Ronin)



Alinement:Chaotic Good

Relation to other characters: Feel free to decide which other character to have some kind of relation with. Good or bad I don’t mind.

How you fight: Highly skilled with his Katana (Named the Nishizawa). Skilled Hand to hand. But weak against long ranged attacks such as magic.

Habbits: Gets Angry, upset, or sad when remembering anything before he was 16. Talks in his sleep. Very Cautious, not a coward but takes a look at the risks more than others. A lonewolf but will join a group if asked. Listens to others and answers questions if directly asked.

Honor: Shows Honor to those who are Honorable.

Fears: Afraid his life or death will mean nothing.

Bio: A man who shuts out most of his painful past. Lost all his family when he was young (about 5) and was rasied be a Samurai by master Sakai. His master died for unknown reasons when Korey was 15. After sure of his combat skill Korey searches the world to find what that reason is.

Looks like this

Fixed the character I PMed you. I added some more things. Is that ok?

I would lve to join. Alyx might want to kill me since Alyx goes to my school. I wouldn’t mind having a part. I would be 100 years old and have lots of powers depending on how I feel kat the time.

I’m joining if it’s ok:

Country:(I leave it up to you ok,Video)
Alinement:Lawfull good
Relation to other characters:(I leave it up to you to)
Hobbies:On his spare time he practices swordmanship
Habbits:A bit of a perfectionist,and sometimes too trusting
Honor:very honarable,but if someone is in danger he doesn’t care
Fears:Defeat and meningless bloodshed
Bio:He is a brilliant strategist and politician,despite his age and keeps trying to improve.Very open minded and fair to anybody no mather what race their from.As a strategist he avoids fighting near inocent people and overall try’s to avoid casualties.Has an uncorruptable heart and won’t stand any of it.

Hope that’s ok.