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It sounds like it would of been fun to be around back then. anyway here’s the big huge place description.
Rykeishen and it’s Crystal Empire: An Empire made up of many clans banded together. It’s total might is enough to conquer the world but it’s clans have so many disputes that they end up fighting amongst themselves. It’s clans include
Minor Clans: These clans hold little power in the Empire and rarely have seats in the house. It’s too strongest clans are the Worm and Wolverine clans.
Shino forest: Is home to the naga. These serpent people have slept for many years and only awakened just recently to fend off an invasion by the Darklands. The naga only have enough honour as the deem usefull.
Darklands: Rykeishan was once a dark place ruled by unspeakable evils. Then one day the clans of Rykeishan banded togethor and working as one for the first time drove back the evil that plagued their lands and built a mighty wall to keep it at bay. But over the years the minute amount of evil that remained slowly creapt into the souls of the people eventually corrupting the emperor himself. The Darklands attempted to regain control but with a empire shattering war was driven out once again with the help of their new friends the Naga. Now the evil forces have found a new leader and await their chance to strike again…
Turtle Clan: These mighty warriors have guarded the Gaou wall for many centuries as it’s sworn protectors. Swearing to not let a single beast through. Recently a large wave of corruption from the shadowlands weakened them greatly so they have alleid themselves with the Naga. Have little honor and are scorned for this by the nobler clans.
Weasel Clan: The most notorious clan. Have recently returned to honor after their house was dishonored by it’s actions against the previous emperor. It’s people are skilled in seduction poison and stealth. Sporting many ninja’s actors and assasins. Also has a large Geisha and Kolat population.
Talin’s Army: Talin was once a great tiger clan duelist who refused a challenge and was dishonored because of it. He went around Rykeishin gathering togethor all the warriors who were not aligned to any clan to form his own clan who would save the empire from itself and with a great battle cleansed the Darklands taint that had sweapt over the lands but killing the current emperor in the process. Is now the new emperor of Rykeishen.
Dove clan: Home to the strongest duelists in the lands. They hold honor more than any other clan. They also have many politicians which gives them even more power. They were recently wounded severely by the tiger clan which envied their favour in the empire and attacked them under the rouse of cleansing thwe shadowlands from them.
Pegasi Clan: This clan was exiled to the burning sands for 1000 years and recently returned bearing horses more powerful than any in Rykeishen. Their magistrates and battle maidens keep the piece in the troubled lands of Rykeishen. Are despised by the Tiger clan.
Raven clan: Has been crippled severely. It still wields the most powerful spells on the continent but recently all it’s strongest mages fell to the temptations of dark magics and were corrupted eventually destroying their great libraries. Now they have resumed their studies with even more power swearing never again to dwell in what should not be dwelled in. Their only rivals are the spellweavers of Asylia.
Tiger Clan: The most noble and snotty of the clans. They hold honor extremely highly and remember grudges from before their time. They take offence easily yet are easily manipulated by this.
Wyrm clan: These tatooed warriors are some of the most fiercesome warriors in the entire world. Some follow the path of elightenment. Some follow the path of warriors. Some follow the path of strategy. But all are deadly. Have some regard for honor and are powerful duelists.
Brotherhood of Shinsei: The monks defend their temples and the only remaining great library. They seek the path of enlightenment but are deadly with thier spirit bursts.
Now for the non Crystal Empire
To Vak shar: This oasis is hidden by a sandstorm deep in the burning sands. No one sane has ever come back alive from this mysterious place.
Zal Ba Diel: This arabiclike country is home to many sailors and fishermen as well as princes and trades men. It’s one of the most peaceful nations.
Aeria: The place all the scum of the world was sent to get rid of them. Have developed a vary varied country but is a very dangerous place to live.
Rakashar: A kingdom of Non humans. They banded togethor to form a front against the many agressive nations of the world. Have no naga or elves though.
Republic of Ausgia: Claim to be peacemakers but have spent their time of peace developed weapons of destruction more advanced than the majority of the world.
Megladavia: Is the only country not at piece with ausgia. These Barbariens language consists of little more than grunts and cries. They are completely insociable. So the Ausgians say.
Dunklesang: A land of poets and bards renowned for it’s ability to exaggerate and over emphasize it’s roles in things.
Asylia: home to the spell weavers. These mages are one of the most feared and misunderstood nations on their continent but rarely venture to places that may cause conflicts. They’ve recently come under new management.
Elakan: The Elven lands. The forest was destroyed a large amount until these normally friendly nature lovers fought back and claimed a land of thier own.
Spirkon(Not on map for some reason. Are just beside elakan):
okarm: Fishers. They have amazing coral reefs near them and are proficient in spears.
Salistia: A very strange people. None of them seem to have anything in common and their choices of jobs are insane. Cooks who are afraid of food, Carpenters who are allergic to wood. Are very confusing to the outside world.
Garvan: Ruled by the dictator Ba aleem has recently set out on many conquests taking hold of some of ferlose land.
Ferlose: a very cowardly culture more prone to hit and run tactics. Has very rich industry and climate.
Quagma: The swamplands are populated by a strange race called the quagma. These appear to be part human part animal. They have very weak dialects and rarely socialize but their land is useless to everyone else.
Prome: The Narcist perfectionists. Rarely like to fight but are quite skilled when it comes down to it.
Calstar: The medics of the world. They devote themselves to preserving life and growing things. Have the largest elven population of mixed species lands.
Mantin: Sailors by nature. These friendly people of the sea also have a large pirate population.
Relanguard: This country is a country similar to that of king Arthurs land home to some of the most honourable knights in the world. They are the protectors of some ancient artifact that only the king knows about. Or is He.

I’ll make a character chart once I have time. But I wanna join.

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Name: Reanor

Race: Mujina

Age: 27

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Job: Assasin

Clan or Country: Shadowlands

How you fight: Sneaky, likes to goof around in battles trying to pull powerful attacks when the opponent is not paying attention

Personality: Calm, Hypocrite and cynical.

Fears: To be backstabbed (Hell, he has done that so many times ;>>)

Honor: “Honour?, that’s for the weak and stupid people”, he thinks that honour is just an obstacle in doing “a good job”

Hobbies: He doesn’t really have hobbies, he lives to progress.

Habits:He is a silent one, he can mantain a conversation if needed, though. He will often try to manipulate people to help him to fulfill his wishes.

Physical description: A 6’0ish Mujina, who is as fast as most people of his race. He wears tight clothes and weilds a scimitar.


Relations to other characters and Countries:

People in general: Thinks most people are misguided, but doesn’t really care about them




Name: Crotanks
Race: Human
Age: 14
Alignment: Neutral Good
Job: Warrior
Clan or Country: Dragon Clan
How you fight: Will attack with a sword at anyone who attacks him. Goes all out and doesn’t hold back unless necessary. Uses surroundings to their fullest.
Relations to other characters and Countries: Youngest or the Dragon Clan. Would like to travel to Relanguard some day.
Personality: Quiet and intelligent. Won’t give up no matter what. Has a lot on his mind and is too busy thinking, often why he doesn’t speak. Has a good sense of honour (doesn’t over do it though).
Fears: Screwing up badly.
Hobbies: Sharpening sword skills.
Habits: Tucks hair behind ears (hair goes just an inch over the ears)
Biography: Youngest of the Dragon Clan and shows much potential. Trained by his father, who was slain in combat. Hopes to become as great (or even greater) of a warrior as his father was to honour him. Lives in the plains near the mountain with mother.

Name: Sir Percival Rhyndon (the Gallant)
Race: Human
Age: 24
Alignment: Lawful Good
Job: Paladin

Clan or Country: Relanguard

How you fight: Mounted combat, with a bastard sword or heavy lance, and a shield, wearing plate armour. Percival fights well on foot, but prefers mounted combat. Percival does not use missile weapons.

Honour: Self-explanatory.

Relations to other characters and Countries: As a sworn paladin and knight of Ralenguard, Percival’s enemies are those of his monarch, and those of evil alignment. Percival will not tolerate an evil companion. Percival does not yet know any of the other characters in the story, though.

Personality: Gallant, unfailingly courteous and very stylish, but also fulfils all of the other virtues of the paladin well (honour, truth, humility, temperance, etc…). A social dynamic, a master of courtly etiquette and diplomacy and a strong leader when needed. He has an excellent sense of fashion and is almost always well-dressed and presentable. Percival is also an ardent optimist; he believes that optimism is the most practical philosophy and that it is the best inspiration and motivation.

Physical Appearance: Sandy blonde shoulder-length hair and hazel eyes. A very strong (but not excessively muscular) build and a handsome, noble face. He stands at the height of the average human male.

Fears: Falling from knightly grace and been shamed thereby. Seeing what he loves being destroyed.

Hobbies: Dancing, falconry, jousting, lyric poetry, riding.

Habits: Spends a lot of time praying or performing religious activities when anxious and/or stressed.

Biography: Percival was born of noble parents in Ralenguard, the third child of six (three boys and three girls). Percival is fairly close to his family. He is not the heir to his family’s estate, though—his older sister Elissette is the heiress, although Percival will receive some inheritance.

Between the age of seven and twenty one, Percival was taken from his parents in Hewborough to train for knighthood first as a page and then as squire, under the direction of Theobald the Stout, Duke of Chellicy. When he demonstrated exceptional virtue, Percival followed an especially strict path of training, through which he became a paladin as well as a knight under the personal direction of the duke. During his training, Percival also developed his great love of horses. Not only did Percival become an excellent horseman, but he developed a strong empathetic relationship with horses, especially destriers and coursers (types of war horses).

At the age of twenty one, Percival was knighted and dubbed a true paladin at the same time—a great honour. Following that, he became a knight of the duke under whom he had trained. He took up traditional knightly pass-times (jousting and falconry, especially), and also became a regular figure at the duke’s court and an avid dancer. Now with a few years of experience, Percival has fought in several battles and completed a few quests. He is a trusted figure of the duke and several other nobles and is known to the king himself.

He owns the complete knightly panoply—sword, lance, dagger, plate armour, a kite shield, a destrier with full tack, harness and bard (horse armour), as well as basic travelling gear, a palfrey (pack horse) and some fine clothes for court. He lives decently, but by no means luxuriously, on a small fief granted to him by the duke. He owns no magical items and keeps some funds saved for maintenance costs and emergencies.

Percival has a lady: Lady Gwendolyn Lorness the Fair of Pellasford. Her family does not know about their love yet. They have been in love for a few months, after having (both) observed a ritual of courtly love. They met at the royal court. Gwendolyn is known and admired as social dynamic herself, a respectable lady, an excellent dancer, singer and harpist, a favourite at the royal court, as well as for her beautiful long golden locks and her sapphire eyes. Gwendolyn is about Percival’s age. She lives at home in Pellasford.

Percival is a little suspicious of elves, since he grew up in an almost exclusively human land. He mistrusts most goblinoids and other races, unless he can see that they are undoubtedly good at heart. Percival also does not know very much about wizards and magic, and deals with them warily.

Coat of Arms: The quarter chief dexter is azure, a unicorn rampant argent with horn, hoofs and tail or (in the upper right quadrant, a rampant white unicorn with a golden horn, hoofs and tail on a blue background). The quarter chief sinister is argent, two cups statant or (in the upper left, two golden cups against a white background). The quarter base dexter is argent, a daffodil trefoil vert with blooms or (in the lower right, a triple-daffodil in green whose blooms are golden against a white background). The quarter base sinister is azure, a ram rampant or (in the lower left, a rampant golden ram against a blue background). The heraldic themes are grace, honour, fertility/beauty and strength.

Video: I’d love to join, but I want to think up my character well, and I’m too distracted by my Xmas story. If all goes well, I’ll be finished tomorrow. Afterwards I’ll post here again.

Here’s the class descriptors. Now all that’s left is race descriptors. And the suggested countries are only there for suggested countries. You can be almost any class and be in any clan you want.
Spellweavers: Use hand motions and incantaions to cast spells. Are found mainly in the southwest continent scattered with minor amounts everywhere except a few of its countires. Mainly focused in asylian.
Shujenga: Uses scrolls and energy transfering to cast spells. Is also able to use spirit bursts but with less effectiveness than monks. Scattered throughout Rykeishan Zal Ba Diel, and To Vak shar focused mainly in the Raven clan.
Sorcerors: Use herbs incences totems and chaneeling devices to cast spells. Found mainly in Aeria, Quagma, rakashar, and Megladavia
Samurai: Are tyed to honor. Tend to kill themselves when they become dishonered. Are able to do insane amounts of damage with battle skills, Can be found throughout Rykeishan focusing mainly in the Raven, Dove, Tiger, and Talin’s army clans.
Ninja: Are masters of stealth quick strikes and poisons. Have no concept of honor. Can be found mainly in The Scorpion clan, Garvan, Talin’s army, To Vak Shar, Aeria, and Asylia.
Spy: Are able to disguise themselves as enemies and bring back information or cause sabotage. Can be found anywhere.
Rogue: Are lawless thieves and brigands who rarely have honor. Can be any place. Like the weasel clan.
Sailor: Are men of the sea who choose to use ships instead of travel by land. Are able to fight better on ships than on land. Tend to be found in the the Worm Clan, Dove clans, Shino forest, Mantin, Zal Ba Diel, and okarm.
Naval Warrior: Are warriors who can swim if by magic or natural ability. generally use spears and are able to speak with fish. Found mainly in the coastal region of shino forest.
Paladin: Holy warriors. Honor is more important to them than it is to a samurai. If they become dishonered they are no longer Paladins. They are a master of melee weapons and sometimes have acess to holy magics. Can be found in Relanguard, Salistia, prome, and Calstar.
Book keeper: Historians librarians and map makers. These are the usefull to have along but generally helpless in battle scholarly types. They are sometimes able to use spells. Mainly found in the Raven Tiger, and brotherhood clans. Also found in various countries around the world.
Assasin: Is able to infiltrate like a Ninja only is more deceptive and can also use varied strategies like impersonation. Will do whatever it takes to get the job done and thus have no honor. Found mainly in the Weasel Clan, Shadowlands, and Aeria.
Politician: These can be some of the most feared classes when they are in their homelands. they are able to aid their allies by calling in favors bribing officials and even blackmailing people. Some are very honorable and able to gain honor or stop dishonerable actions while others are sneaky and decieving. Almost exclusive to Prome, the Dove clan, and the Pegasi clan.
Berserker: A Hazard on the battlefield. Charges into the enemies doing insane amounts of damage but taking little care for themselves or their allies. have been known to decapitate allies on the backswing. Rarely have huge amounts of honor. They are found mainly in the turtle and tiger clans, as well as Megladavia and Garvan.
Warrior: The all around bad ass. Warriors are the only other class able to use tatooes but have less effectiveness with them than monks. Are able to use any weapon and wear almost any armor. Have Higher attack than Samurai but lower defense and skills. They are not bound by honor unless they choose to be. Can be found Anywhere but prefer the turtle and Wyrm clans, as well as Garvan and aeria.
Strategist: The tacticians. They are able to plan out battle strategies think of ways to use terrain to their advantage and even join in battles on rare occasions. Can be found anywhere. Have a slightly higher tendency to join the Dove clan.
Archers: Do I need to explain this. They use bows they shoot things. Their one with nature sometimes and have hightened senses. Found everywhere but the best come from the shino forest, minor clans, and Ferlose.
scout: Have a strange 6th sense that alows them to detect dangers long before anyone else can. are able to move fast so they can see what’s ahead of them and get back safely to report. can often use horses and sabotage enemy ranks. Found everywhere.
Monk: They are the masters of tatooes and spirit bursts. They have many different ways of fighting including yaris barehanded and innate spirit bursts. Are usually found only in the Brotherhood and Wyrm clan.
Bard: Encourages his allies to continue fighting inspiring them and earning honor in the process. Are known for boasting and being over confident. are mainly found in the lands of dunklesnag salistia elakan, calstar, Rakashar and sometimes the Dove clan.
Druid: are one with nature. Can speak with plants and animals and change shape to one animal they choose. are also able to summon forth spirit guides to aid them. Are generally loners. Are mainly found in the lands of elakan, quagma, ferlose, and the Turtle clan and Shadowlands.
Herbicist: Are masters of herbs and medicines. Either persue the ways to make poisones gases and conconctions or the medicines and ways to heal wounds and help the wounded. Are almost exclusive to calstar.
Drunken Master: These strange warriors hail from the lands of the desert people. Somehow able to down amazing amounts of liquor and still fight with inpressive prowess. are usually large builded and rarely female. are usually found only in The lands of Zal ba diel, To Vak shar and the brotherhood.
Blade Dancer: These warriors are all about speed accuracy and damage. The have very light armor but make up for it by moving with graceful agility. They are often found in the lands of the Pegasi, Dove Clan, Ausdia, Calstar, and Dunklesnag.
Battle Maidens: These noble Warriors defend their lands for their people. They do not attack other lands for it is against their codes of honor. They are there to prevent the civilians from being drawn into the disputes of grown men. are found in the lands of the Pegasi Clan, Calstar, and elakan.
Magistrates: Law keepers. They are the law. Their courts reign supreme. They travel their lands enforcing the laws of their rulers. Can be found in the Pegasi clan, Tiger Clan, Dove clan, Relanguard, and prome.
Dragoons: These mighty warriors are extremely powerful. They are able to speak to the wild dragons. They are able to jump high into the air, they are able to sense the vital organs of an enemy and aim for them. They also have to kill a dragon to become one. The more powerful the dragon the more powerful the dragoon. are able to charm weaker wild dragons but they rebel by the time they are fully grown.

Name: Chris-chris (Or Chrissy)
Race: Dragon/human
Age: 15 in human, 15,000 in dragon
Aligment: Good or bad, depends
Honour: Always has honour during fight no matter what. Keeps word.
Job: Warrior
Clan/country: Dragon
How I fight: I use my sword most of the time. If an aerial battle is needed, i can grow my wings and fight in the air. I use some magic and very little healing spells. I most;ly fight head on. But if worse comes to worse, I use powerful dragon tranfromations.
realtions to characters: None really. But friend with most.
Personality: Can be a bit playful druing battle. Has a great spirit and a chipper attitude. Fights for what I believe in and always stands up to those who need it. Is friendly but a bit short tempered iof pushed to the edge.
Fears: Lightning, spiders and… being alone.
Hobbies: Eating apples and training a lot.
Habits: Eating apples…
Bio: Chrissy was once a strong member of the Death Dragons. (A feared group of dragons who killed innoncents mercilessly.) After an incident with her father, she ran away. She grew up being alone and haunted by her past sins. Finally, Chris-chris met someone who changed her life and now, she is searching for him.
Will that do?

Hmm. Tis okay but. Dragons aren’t really all that large a population. there’s less than 100 of them on the planet. So a entire groups of dragons existing is just kind of wthish.

hmm i cant pass this up!


Clan or country:none

How you fight:well being a spy i like to just try and kill them on the spot, but if that doesnt work ill just try to blow them up. :slight_smile:

Realtions:mostly i seem nice off the bat, i try not to get on anybody’s bad side, but if i need to i will take a stand for a cause.

Personality:Easy going nice fellow who will lend a hand if he can. Tries to be on everyones good side and learn new things from them.

Apperence: A mid-size human who doesnt really stand out in the crowd. Dark blonde hair and pale skin.

Fears:Fear of being left alone in the world when he gets older
Hobbies:Talking to people and learning new things from them
Habits:when listening to others he sometims has to fidget with stuff to keep him occupied.

Bio:Sonic doesnt know much about his early childhood and seeks to find it out. At the age of 10 he meets the traveling Spy named Gorlen, while traveling with thim he learns spy techniques and skills and was like a father to him, but when he was 12 Gorlen died of sudden death (sonic didnt know how at that time and still doesnt). So he goes around earning a living helping people out and learning new things everyday. He hopes one day to find his real parents and live with them. His fasination with bombs however is just that they can blow things up. :slight_smile:

I want to join to at the moment I can’t going Motor bike riding:yipee: I’ll do it when I get back :slight_smile:

Now that you posted the clans I remembered that he used to be hired a lot by the Scorpion clan for the jobs they wanted done, but they couldn’t get directly involved in.

Anyway… I’m updating my relations now.

(too lazy to read through the clan and country list…
They go under the world in general :stuck_out_tongue:
Just one exception though:)

Scorpion Clan: He still has some respect for the scorpion clan, but he has started to hate them more and more, just like everyone else.

Crotanks: Crispy can’t stand the way Cro constantly tries to become great to “honor his father”.
Might should be gotten because it makes right.

Percival: sticks two sharp claws down his throat and mimics throwing up Even as a rogue, Cripsy couldn’t stand people like that, and now that he’s an Oni they aren’t just annoying, they’re probably out to kill him or die trying.

Chris: She used to be OK, but now she’s just another of those annoying “sort of good guys”…
He still has a bit of respect for her since she’s a dragon and they’re big and nasty and stuff…

Sonic: He’s too wishy-washy… He tries to please everyone and tries to find out everything.
You don’t have to know a lot to solve a problem… If violence doesn’t work you add more violence until it does.

Name: Azrael .
Race: Human.
Age: 41 (old doesn’t mean weak :P)
Alignment: Neutral.
Honour: See job.
Job: Ronin (masterless Samurai)
Clan or Country: Unkown.
How you fight: Azrael uses his sword and his decades-honed skill, he is a very experienced fighter and able to judge his opponents and very good at knowing his limits; he learnt the hard way.
Relations to other characters and Countries: He is completely indifferent to all.
Personality: Taciturn, very quiet, very honourable but experience has taught him that honour is second to survival.
Fears: Dying alone.
Hobbies: Training.
Habits: Has a tendencie to interupt those who speak idiocy, but lets those who deems worthy speek.
Biography: Twenty years ago Azrael was a young warrior eager to proe himself, even though he was young had a lot of potential, although the death of his master snapped his headstrong demeanour in two. He thought he could defeat all enemies, he was wrong; his master was killed and he was wounded badly.

Just put me in as some random healer or bookseller or something if you want me here, I’ve written bios so many times it’s not even funny ^^;; Besides, you’ll need side characters.

More relations, yay! :stuck_out_tongue:

Azrael: Crispy sez: “Ugh, a Samurai. They’re always so honorable and annoying…”
Not to mention that one of them had a tendency to threaten to kill Crispy when he was still a rogue.

Edited with my description. I don’t really know what a spirit burst is so I can’t say how skilled he is at it. Use your discretion I suppose.

Name: Yu Feng Hou. Often called Hou
Race: Human
Age: 17
Alignment: Neutral
Honour: Watches his own back
Job: Monk

Clan or Country: Brotherhood of Shinsei

How you fight: somewhat Skilled in hand to hand, staff and sword. He’s still learning. Prefers the Chinese long sword or the Chinese broadsword.

Relations to other characters and Countries: Indifferent. He’s seen enough of the world to know that
if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. Much.

Personality: Polite to his elders but prone to bouts of mischief. He’s adjusting to the very disciplined ways of the monks and their rituals.
He’s street smart and seems to know when trouble’s coming.

Fears: Heights and falling from them, getting kicked out of the temple once the monks are able to translate the book.

Hobbies: Playing Kick the Rock

Physical Description: 5’,7". Thin with wiry muscles.

Habits: Tends to sneak food from the table and saves it for later.
Biography: Lived with the monks since he was 14. Prior to that he lived with his family, who had a very
nomadic lifestyle. They left him at the temple when could no longer feed him and themselves.
He was able to barter his way into the temple with a book his family left him. It’s been handed down in his family for
generations. He can’t read it because he was never taught to read. He spent his childhood panhandling by performing
simple acrobatics and magic tricks (pulling a cloth from under stacked chairs, standing on his head while balancing things on his feet).
His mom would sell knick-knacks while his dad would look for menial labour jobs.

<-------- Forgot the honor part

Honor :Doesn’t care about honor, has her own honor code that changes.

Video, is my character all right?

Um alyx nothing really stopping me from using your character. It’s just um okayish.

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Well. Your relations aren’t there. Poke is the only one who’s posted relations and your country sais Raven that is a country right? and some other stuff.