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Alright. I’m going to try writing a story based in a midevil type world. It will be a very fantasy like atmosphere. I’m opening this one to the public though so as to get some unique characters. There will be mages in this but they will be called spellweavers shugenga or sorcerors. The other jobs available are Samurai, Ninja, Spy, Rogue, bard, druid, alchemist, drunken master, blade dancer, Sailor, Naval Warrior, Paladin, Bookkeeper, Dragoon, Assasin, Politician, Berserker, Warrior, Barbarien, Strategist, archer, Scout, Monk, Seige operator, and the races are very limited though. Limited to humans Dragons. Elves. Naga( a type of lizard man), Ratlings, Trolls, Mujina(Devil trickster type things) Goblins, Oni, Ogres, Undead, and Shadows. Some races come with the touched by darkness or shadowlands trait immedaitly. This trait makes them evil. All races except elves can have this trait though. and there can be evil characters that don’t have this trait. the ones that come with it immediatly are. Trolls, Goblins, Oni, Ogres, undead, and Shadows. I’ll put up a map of this world later on. Here’s what I need for your characters as the rest is pretty much open.
Clan or Country:
How you fight:
Relations to other characters and Countries:
and anything else you think will help me write your character:
Here’s an example
Name: Darwin
Race: Human
Age: 17
Alignment: Lawful good
Honour: Has the average honour of a prince but thinks it’s time for action not honour.
Job: Strategist
Clan or Country: Relanguard
How you fight: stays back while the other fight. if anyone gets close to him he’ll use a sword but is only mediocre with it.
Relations to other characters and Countries: Is the Prince of Relanguard and has whatever relations a Relangaurdian has. Also Has a bizarre fascination with the people of Salistia.
Personality: Is dull but rarely boring. Can be very depressedat times but usually has a cheerful outlook on things. Is prone to being hot headed and taking risks.
Fears: the undead terrify him and also has a mild fear of spells but not spirit bursts. Is interested in the opposite sex but being a prince doesn’t engage in it as blatantly as some.
Hobbies: Likes to ride swim and paint. Is quite good at all these things. Also likes to try his hand at poetry every now and then.
Habits: fiddles with his hair and scratches his head when worried thinking or lying.
biography: Darwin has lived in the Relanguard castle his whole life. He is fairly close to the knights but rarely spends time with his father who’s always busy with kingdom affairs.
and anything else you think will help me write your character: Is the main character of the story

I hope you decide to join.

Not to nitpick or anything, but isn’t an Oni just a different word for Ogre? That’s what I always thought.

Oni are more like demons in this. Some of them can take on the forms of other things. Ogres are more like giant even less intelligent trolls.

I join! I join!

Name: Stary
Race: half dragon, half human
Age: 15
Job: ???
Clan or Country: ???
How you fight: with a staff
Relations to other characters and Countries: none
Personality: look at my sig…
Fears: being alone,
Hobbies: drawing, writing, singing
Habits: ah…
Bio: She can’t remember anything. she hit her head on a rock, and only knows her age. no clue where she came from.

Um stary video’s not going to be in this. I might make a character similar to his human form. but video’s not gonig to bwe in this.

Yet again, I hate you.

Heres the map.

I might join, depending on how many others people actually join this thing.

Name: Arathkin
Race: Shadow
Age: since the beginning of time I guess
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Job: Spellweaver
Clan or Country: ???
How you fight: I throw spells at my enemies with great speed while trying to remain unseen, has no physical abilty at all
Relations to other characters and Countries: Hates everything good
Personality: Has no loyalty at all, All he wants is to turn the world into a dark place
Fears: he can’t stand light,
Hobbies: hurting others, especially torturing
Habits: Likes to scare people to death before the killing actually happens
Biography: ???

hope your satisfied…

Name: Alyx
Race: Shape shifter
Age: 235
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Job: Being someone’s pet. (please let me be some ones pet… They can like discover who I am somehow, but I wanna be someone’s pet…)
Clan or Country: Raven (was that a country?)
How you fight: I take on the forms of animals and there abilities. I may take on someones form but not there powers.
Relations to other characters and Countries: I’m someone’s pet.
Personality: Sarcastic, but really cares about people she gets to know.
Fears: Water, being fogotten
Hobbies: Sleeping
Habits: Sleeping and grinding her teeth when she has them.
Biography: Will write one later… Like in ten minutes…
and anything else you think will help me write your character

All the areas on the northeastern continent with animals for names are clan names. This includes the Raven clan. I have to put the descriptions for each of thems personalities on later but the raven clan are a clan of Shugenga with the most renowned spells on their continent. Rivaled only by the spell weavers of asylian.

I’ll join!
I don’t care what it is! I’ll join!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And it seem to be very D&D:Oriental Adventures (Oni, Naga, Shugenja, Shadowland taint a.s.o.)
That’s why I’m going to base my character on my old D&D character (he was from Oriental Adventures even… :P)

OK, so here’s my character.

Name: Previously Known as Nekojin, now he claims to be called “Mr.Crispy”

Race: Oni

Age: 30

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Job: Can I be a Rogue? Otherwhile I’ll be a scout (closest thing I

Clan or Country: Shadowlands

How you fight: Rips both things and people apart with his massive claws.

Relations to other characters and Countries:
People in general: He hates most of the world, and barely tolerates the rest.

Stary: Likes to torment her in any way that he can. Mostly because it’s so easy: Stary can’t remember a thing, so she can’t say that Cripsy is lying.

Arathkin: This Shadow is one of the few that Crispy actually tolerates.
Mostly because of a few common interests. (“Yes! Hurt those cute little things! HURT THEM!”)

Alyx: Whenever Crispy sees Alyx he is reminded of his past when he was a shapeshifter too, and hates her with a passion because she still is one.

Personality: Violent, vicious and slightly paraniod.

Fears: He can’t stand to see a deck of cards.

Honor: “That’s something you eat, right?” Crispy was raised to look out for himself, only himself. He has no sense of honor and will always choose to save himself and leave anyone else behind, even if he’s not given a choice.

Hobbies: Anything that involves hurting things. Preferrably cute and fluffy things.

Habits: He avoids people as often as possible. Mostly because most people will try to kill him on sight.
He is always scratching some part of his body since his skin constantly itches.

Physical description: He is very large (much taller than a man), but he very rarely stretches to full height.
He has big wings on his back allowing him to fly for short periods of time (can’t fly for very long sicne he is still young and inexperienced as an Oni.)
His fingers end in very long, nasty claws and his skin is very badly burnt.
In fact, it actually protects him from harm since it is burned so bad it has become a sort of natural armor. And because his body connstantly burns his skin form the inside, he has a very high resistance to fire.

Biography: He was a Cat Hengeyokai (shapeshifter with an animal form, a human form and a hybrid form) rogue, and a pretty succesful one, until he got into a bit of trouble with gambling.
Not ordinary trouble though, mostly because it wan’t ordinary gambling.
he got his hands on a Deck of Many Things and suddenly became several times more powerful than he was a minute ago, but unfortunately he also drew the attention of a very powerful demon.
After a major battle he walked away victorious but not without horrible injuries.
Injuries that proved to be heavilly infected with the shadowland taint and, in the end, they turned him into an Oni similiar to the one he just defeated.
The only thing he really found positive about it was that he was able to fins his family that vanished in the Shadowlands years ago.

actually it’s inspired by the Card Game Legend of the 5 rings and what little of it’s storyline I’ve read plus my own little twists. Of course it’s no coincidence that this card game was bought out by wizards of the coast.

Oh well…
My character is already finished and posted, so who cares :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm. what. Your character was fine it’s actually more in depth than most of the others. Oh and another character requirement is.
Honour: holds honour above all else. would rather die than be dishonered. of course unless your a good being who was turned into a shadowlands. any shadowlands will have none of this.

OK, I’ve edited my character to add honor.

And I get a feeling he will be one of the bad guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Um. Pretty much anyone with the shadowlands trait is a bad guy and I’m open to new jobs. Plus I’ve forgotten many of the jobs which I’m remembering while I type the clan/country summaries.

Oh… Right… :stuck_out_tongue:

Still thinking D&D Oriental Adventures where the taint is more something that can be kept in check, unless you get too much (or you don’t want to)… But I think he passed the line a long time ago anyway…

And I forgot that he is basically 90% shadowland taint anyway ^^;;

Getting shadowlander blood in your wounds is not a good idea… He learned that the hard way >_<

Yeah if he got turned into an oni cause he was tainted so much he’s long gone. the only ones who can resist are the species who don’t start with the trait. Hmm. I’ll get racial statistics up after I’m done with the country backgrounds. I’mn still working on the crystal empire but I’m almsot done.

I know that it’s too late for him to resist.
But he did manage to keep it at bay for long enough to reach a city where he could get help…
And then our groups sorcerer teleported him to a place that was at least a week from any kind of civilization.
(He had drawn a card that said that one of his friends would betray him, but that seemed like a minor thing compared to the original “Mr. Crispy” :P)
And after walking for a week with the taint slowly spreading in his body (I actually only rolled 15+ on my fort saves) he reached a small fishing village and was ripped apart by horrible mutations. (Just before that there was a loud “word-that-I-won’t-repeated-since-RPGC-has young-members” as the d20 showed a 1 when I rolled my fortitude save.)