*sigh* What a day...

Today is the day of my last final exam ever. (Or, for over a year anyway.) The course it’s on is so very hard, and I have no confidence at all going into the test. I know it’s bad to have committed myself to failure before I even write it, but I really have no chance of passing.

Still, that’s not all of the troubles I had today. I spent some of the afternoon with one of my best friends. I know I should have been studying, but the reason was that after today, I’ll probably never see her again ever. And, it’s really, really hard to say goodbye to someone close to you when you think it’s going to be “goodbye forever”.

In addition, some people in the dorms were getting drunk and partying all night long. They would not shut up. Eventually at 3 AM I’d had enough and contacted security who shut the party down, but I still lost 3 hours of sleep I wanted so I’d be awake and ready for the exam. (I know it might seem mean to have a party shut down but those fuckers deserved it.)

Finally, after the exam, I’ll need to pack all my stuff. The exam ends at 10 PM. That means I’ll be up all night packing my stuff while I’m dead tired and right on the heels of failing an exam.

All right, that’s enough complaining for now. Sorry but I needed to get that out.

Sorry to hear that… well, anyway, you can still keep in contact with your friend by e-mail and phone. It’s not the same, but still, it’s something. I hope you did well on your exam. Math, was it?

Properties of Materials it is, I haven’t had the exam yet (it starts at 7 PM (PST)). It’s basically like a chemisty course, with so much to memorise. Between the textbook and online notes, there’s about 1200 pages of information.

I hate having to learn off stuff exactly like you have to do in chemistry. Good luck in your exam. If you think you’re gonna fail, aim for a pass. It’s better than doing nothing. And you’re not mean; if they wanted to get drunk at that time, go to a nightclub.

Now for humour.

Friend? Girl? Are you sure you’re at the right forum?

I can sympathize :\ Well actually no I can’t because I will never ever willingly take math in college for the rest of my life, but I was in the same situations with high school math and it’s a pretty depressing feeling. I try my hardest and I usually only get a C. it does wonders for my self esteem to.

So yeah, I agree, aim for a pass. It’s better than nothing, and at least you tried. I try to be proud of my C’s. I’m just not a math person and I can’t change the way my mind thinks.

I can also feel your pain with the sleep thing. ugh. That reminds me, school starts in 2 weeks. Well, anyways that sounds like a pretty shitty day, but when it’s over and everything’s behind you I’m sure it will start to get a little better…

1200? Damn. Ouch.

I’m sorry you had such a rough day, Sohee. I still hope you did moderately well on your exam, and like Cless said, you can still talk over the phone with your friend. Don’t have much else to say; I hope you feel better.

Exams are evil and should be outlawed. *Nod.
Farewells too.

Good luck.

A bit late a post, but I know that kind of bad-exam feeling. After spending a good chunk of time studying (1 1/2 hours, for a Jr. High exam), I get 56% on my math exam. Complete bull…

Stop necroposting, especially on threads where people are upset about stuff. Nothing like a bit of salt in the old wounds.