Side Scrolling RO? O_o

What the… one has to try this out.

The stages of the Korean MMO are simple:

“That’s badass!”
[continues playing]
[Gap where no playing is possible]
[Plays once more]
“Meh, it’s not that great.”
[ceases playing]

Still, one can’t say I have no interest.

Oh hell no, I’m still downloading it. :wink: It’ll probably be very good. The Koreans know their MMOs.

Thank me for my connections then. HEee. I’ve heard it tends to be laggy as fuck though, servers all in Korea.

Hmm. Tell me what it’s like will ya? I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get it working through my proxy.

Quite a bit of fun. I haven’t had lag troubles, but levelling is a pain.

I played it. It sucks. It’s really boring, and combat’s meh.

Maybe it gets better once you class change, but I looked at the skills and you have like 2 active skills per class, and it still seems boring.

You know what? That game is super popular amongst elementary kids(8~13)…

Then again, what MMO isn’t? :o

Kay, well. I downloaded it and made an account and everything. But when I go to start up the game, it says it couldn’t connect to the server, and to check the notice boards. What’d I do wrong? x.x;