Side by side comparison of the 360 and PS3.

This is an excellent comparison of the PS3 and 360 graphics. From the screenshots, it doesn’t look like Blu-ray and all the PS3’s snazzy features did much.

360 looked like a piece of shit when it first came out too, hardly looking any better than Xbox games. Its far too soon to make a proper comparison, but thats just my opinion.

Yeah, i’ve seen this before, i wonder if the reason the PS3 launch titles look like crap has more to do with the fact that devkits for the PS2 went out late, rather than the system’s technical inferiority.

The only two PS3 games i’ve played are THPS8 and MotorStorm. THPS8 looks like absolute shit compared to the X360 version…you can see the difference just by playing the game, you don’t need side by side comparison shots. MotorStorm, on the other hand, looks incredible (except it has tons of slowdown). Since MotorStorm was made by some 1st party Sony house, and THPS8 was done by a third party, it leads me to believe most programmers just haven’t had time to get familiar with the hardware.

Also i think the comments on that article are far more interesting than the article itself.

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Yeah, just look at the sonic game for 360. Shut up about graphics. It’s the devs that are shitty.

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Funny, Microsoft had bought the copyrights for everything Marvel in videogames so that Sony wouldn’t be able to release Marvel titles for the PS3. I wonder what made them cancel that deal.

I think the difference in quality has to do with both the little time devs had to port those games and the technology involved. Which was the biggest factor, though, is yet to be seen. Let a few months pass, and if that difference keeps on…

edit: I find it funny how some people, even after seeing the difference in the rendering of the crowd in Fight Night, and the lack of a stadium shadow in Madden, still keep arguing that the PS3 ones look better. One of them goes as far as saying that even though X360 versions do look better in screenshots, at live they look better with the PS3 - oh come on, some things just didn’t renderize, it’s not a matter of being screenshot or not.

Didn’t they buy the rights a month ago though? I believe the Marvel Ultimate Alliance came out before the deal.

The only reason I don’t buy the difference in time with the dev kits is because the games had the same dev time and came out later than the 360 versions. Porting it shouldn’t have been some much more work that the quality goes down in the game. Like games ported to the XBox from the PS2 didn’t look worse than the original PS2 version, it just didn’t look as good as a game designed for the XBox. Similarly, games for the XBox or GC ported to the PS2 looked better than a lot of native PS2 games. Like Fight Night Round 3 had 8 extra months of development time for the PS3 and isn’t all that much better. Fuck, if it takes additional months just to get that much more graphic improvement, then the power is negligible since developers have to work too hard to even tap it.

Also, with how much Sony is boasting about its powerful system, it should be able to show the pwoer fairly early on. If it takes forever for developers to start making the games look better, then the power of their system won’t help them much. But, you are right that it could still be a little too premature, Sony needs to turn things this year if their powerful system is really going to outshine the 360.

It doesn’t help though that many PS3 are being returned though (sort of a continuation of an earlier thread I made). Many PS3s are being returned since they can’t really be resold for profit anymore.

However, this really doesn’t matter since Sony already won the console wars. “You can declare us a winner right now,” Peter Dille

About the Marvel deal, I think it was even before X360 was launched.

Now, beautiful or not, whole power tapped or not, and whatever the reasons for the differences noted are - and even if we did count the differences as being caused by development time, so that they’d equal each other someday - I don’t think the difference noted in the graphics is enough to justify their differences in prices. Specially seeing as the cheaper one renders stuff better.

That’s just me, though. And I’m not the kind who would buy an specific system because there are some games made just for it, so this discrepancy in quality matters a lot to me.

edit: LOL at the first link, Nick.

Uhm i’m pretty sure it was EA who has Marvel rights. They bought them from Capcom, who had them to make the VS series.

In the article, it says that on-field stadium shadows were visible in the PS3 version when setting the game time to 4:15. In fact, if you look in the bleachers the stadium shadows are visible in the PS3 screenshot. They said the game time was set for 1 pm in the screenshots, and given that information I think the X-box version is in the wrong. Shadows should not be that long at 1 pm.

I will explain at you all why the PS3 graphics are better:
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Okay, my bad. I still found the graphics overall better in the X, though, mainly for other lighting issues with the PS.

Even though the PS3 is obviously not being used to it’s full potential yet every game looks better on the PS3. Over all things look more realistic and detailed on the PS3’s pics. Even if only slightly in each aspect of the pictures it’s still note-worthy. Not to mention that all of those pictures are 550x309px which obviously doesn’t do either system justice. So I don’t think it’s a fair comparison. Besides to fully experience the system takes more than a snapshot, but seeing how things look as there is motion.:moogle:
But either way the PS3 will come out on top

…after more examination the PS3 handles shadows with much more detail.

One thing that I think is note-worthy(I may get flamed for this but it’s worth the risk). Every game in this examination was an American made game…When porting over these games(mostly sports games to which EA dominates the market either way) what would they have to gain by putting the extra effort to optimize the PS3 games programming at this point? No one would know any better either way. What would they have to lose…money expended in extra hours of programming.

So ultimately the comparison isn’t fair. In a matter of time the PS3 will realy begin to shine.

It will indeed take time; time for MGS 4 to come out.

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