Sick of Elizibeth Smart

Ok i just remembered that movie was on awhile ago and I think this sums up my anger.

I think this sums things up nicely.

“Never heard of it” sums it up nicely, too.:thud:

Same here. Who? Where? When? What!? o_o"

I just think that stories like this becoming so big in the news is like a slap in the face to the hundreds of families that have this happen and have no reporters come, no hoopla, no happy ending. Same thing with the Laci Peterson case, which is driving me up the WALL. Yes, she and her unborn child died. You know how many OTHER people that has happened to? It’s just one more reason I can hardly stand the media. :enguard:

I think the Laci Peterson case might be such a big deal because of the circumstances surrounding it. The whole decapitation (I think that happened…) was probably what helped make it a big story on a slow news day, and well, once it was big news, it stayed up there.

Perhaps. But mother of mercy! It’s on the news more than the sniper trials, and those happened HERE.

My god. WHO THE HELL CARES! I hate it when childrens kidnappings get national attention. What about the thousands of other girls other than this stupid one who are kidnapped and killed everyday?

Well, you have to look at it from their view too. If you got no other leads, what else do you expect them to do?

American national media is silly, instead of focusing on important things like peace talks, they focus on small and insignificant things like the death of one unimportant person and kidnappings. They should leave that to the local medias, so they will have something else to write about than John Doe being scammed from his cow.

Ok. You can judge American media all you want. But the fact of the matter is that all media is obessesed with sensationalism. I’m sure it is quite possible for things to get out of hand in Norway. Now i want to ask you how much you would care to turn into peace talks. Would you stay glued to your TV to watch them? I know I wouldn’t. Nonetheless I don’t give shit about Elizibeth Smart. I actually don’t care about alot of people. With all this being said, peace talks are still a good thing.

I don’t recall saying the same wasn’t true here, and everywhere else. All medias are centered around sensationalism, but some have strange ideas about what a sensation is.

Sensationalism is just what’s “out of the ordinary” but believeable enough. Man Bites Dog could be could sensational in a sense, but Man Gets Abducted By Dog Eating Aliens would not fall under that category for a normal news outlet as it is not believeable enough. In this case, the news knew a child abduction story would be enough of a sensation to boost ratings, and they just happened upon Elizabeth Smart.

And always remember the great news motto: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

I always liked “If it bleeds, we can kill it” better myself. :ah-ha!:

The rules of being kidnapped and getting massive media attention:

Do not be black
Do not be male
Do not be working-class.

Simple, and nearly all the news agencies in the world follow it.