Shuruku Umezawa: Junior Salesman, Ninja.


I could’ve used this excerpt in last week’s freshmen party where yours truly was a ninja >_>;

Hilarious indeed >:) “Snapping necks is what I do… best.”


I like.

"Perhaps she has noticed me crouching behind the microwave?

No, impossible. I am a ninja."


I needed a laugh today. Thanks Cid!

Is this still ongoing, or has the writer of this been sacked?:suckah:

Edit: the writer of this reply wished it to be known that s/he has been sacked.

I was indignant at this presumptuous gesture. Simply because I am Japanese I must prefer Asahi? I said nothing, however, instead choosing to hide my anger at this cultural face slap. Besides, they did not carry Sapporo on tap. Asahi would do.

This was my favorite part!