Shrine Opinions...

Alright, now that I’ve started HTML work on my shrine, I want opinions. Tyhis is the format of the Monster List. I’ll probably reduce the monsters per page to 8 (There’s 10 now).

So tell me, is it too confusing? Does it look alright?

Hey, that’s looking pretty good. It stretched out my screen a bit and i’m on 800x600, but judging on the amount of information that you have there it’s probably inevitable.

But it seems fine to me.

That actually looks really good, it keeps all the information easy to read, and orginized.

Looks pretty cool with all the colours :stuck_out_tongue:

Its typically bad form to have multiple pages for monster lists.

Why? More pages, to me, sounds like it’s better organized and easier to get around - provided that you lable the seperate pages so that they’re easily identifiable (like a page for fire elementals, one for wind elementals etc)

Either do what Sorc said, or put them all one one page and use anchors so it’s easier to jump around.

I would go with anchors. The crystalis shrine’s monster list is split up because its convenient to do so. The game has different areas and the way these areas are arranged, the monsters can be sequestered in the areas. Its pretty clear and clean. If you just split the monsters from a list where they were in alphabetical order, its just irritating. If he wanted to make separate lists , he could have 3 lists , 1 for each monster difficulty. Splitting is good when you have categories to put things into.

I’d say you should make it a little bit less complex, or go with anchors.

Two pages. A-M and N-Z

Oh, didn’t see the mult-page part. Yeah, the less pages the better. Anchors or 2 pages, like Xelo said is probably the best.

Possibly. I was thinkign to have a link to pupup a windo with the key,. But anchors are good, and Wert gave me an idea to lessen confusion. Hmmm Might split them up anyways, but… Meh.

I’ll figure it out

Oy, popups are definetly not good :stuck_out_tongue: Just stick to a key at the top or something.

It looks pretty good, but it will get confusing as it grows and we lose sight of the guidance table.

I think you should do what Sin says, because it sounds the most reasonable. Which would be putting all the monsters on one page, and putting in anchors.

Alright. I made it into one large page. I probbaly won’t do the popups, since Wert passed me a suggestion to give each table field a title, so the exact attribue pops up when you hover over a particular field ('Cept names and anything gray).

Thats really good Star.
Give yourself a pat on the back. It looks great!

Aye, looks fairly good, just a couple of things that makes it screw up slightly in Opera 7.23, but those can be easily taken care of. Looks good, Spaz. :slight_smile:

I’m paying attention to all of this, as I’m about tot start my own monster list for the Battle Network III shrine. Yours looks pretty look. I just hope mine comes out the same.::dekar!::

I think for my monster lists I’m going to do it with a list for each area, as theres a ton of them, but they’re (except for one or two exceptions) area-specific monsters.

Yes, yes, this is necroposting. I don’t care.

This is the final version of the monster list. I added anchors, split up the monster list more evenly (Although I imagine it’ll be hell to load, want to do one without pictures… another time) and brushed it up a bit. (A-K) (L-Z)