showered and perfumed personnel only

Wash up before you come in.

Homeless people often need libraries for resources they cannot get elsewhere, he said.
Except that libraries are not intended for charity. They are for educational purposes, and the homeless aren’t going there to read Shakespeare.

Now, the funny thing is, I had only read up to the fourth paragraph, where it said people feel bad for what’s going to happen to the homeless, and it connected to the second paragraph: “Yeah, like, poor homeless people, now they can’t have sex, fight or picnic in the libraries.”

What kind of crazy person would ban eating in a library?

It hasn’t been banned before?

Of course it does. It’ll exclude most male students and all males that use aftershave.

I’d like to see the data that says that this would negatively impact these people before someone pulls the argument that it’ll hurt them.

oh my, how bourgeoise…

Banning people who smell bad? That sounds good… but who says that who smells bad? I would say that most people who lather themselves with the latest shitty aftershave/perfume smell absolutely horrible. Don’t get me wrong, I use fucking Axe body wash. There are many people that just fucking put too much of that stuff on, though. Who should we ban from using librarys? Nobody. They’re PUBLIC libraries. Like it or not, the homeless are just as much part of the public as you are. Banning eating/washing/all that other stuff… yeah. Obviously. Using libraries for purposes other than its intended one is rather impolite.

When you have to shit, you have to shit. Where do you want them to go, on the sidewalks? I see no problem in allowing people to come in, empty their holding tank and leave. My library’s bathrooms are located before the main entrance, so I have difficulty seeing why smelly and homeless people need to be banned.

Plus, I’m sure lots of homeless people read books like the rest of us.

You may as well ban all kids under two. They all smell like baby shit.