Should the FF series change to subtitles?

I was thinking, and is it possible that Square Enix will eventually stop numbering the FF games and start giving the games subtitles like they are doing with the Dragon Quest series?

DQ8 still had a number. It just also had a subtitle. And right now I doubt it, but who knows?

I wanna see it get into the thirties.

I’m thinking of the Land Before TIme series. THey stopped counting their movies after the seventh, I think.

You got my hopes up there was going to be a Dragon Quest 9, only with a name instead of a number. I hate you!

No, I dont thik so. I like their numbers. Besides, what do you neeed subtitles for?

No, they still use numbers. They’re on 11 now.

I wonder how long FF will last with numbers? Taking bets now!

Didn’t all the DQ games have subtitles, though.
They just dropped them from the English versions.

At least since DQ4.

Final Fantasy XXX: Cid Does Midgard. <_<;

Oh boy, I’m renting that one for sure…

Fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

You idiot, you rent porn, not buy it.

You pay for porn at all?

Dude, weak. :frowning:

No, I just wanted omegaflarex to feel bad.

You would only rent Final Fantasy XXX: Cid Does Midgard? You HEATHEN.